Top 10 Picks From the MoMA Design Store

The Manual selects its top 10 picks from the MoMA Design Store’s latest in cool gadgets, slick furniture and handy kitchen tools from your home.

All in One Kitchen Tool Set
Take the hassle and the clutter out of having eight different kitchen utensils with this handy Bin Akebono-designed All in One Kitchen Tool Set, which combines a bottle cap opener, egg separator, cheese grater, funnel, a lemon juicer, a spice grater, an egg masher, a lid grip for loosening stubborn jar tops, and a 1 1/4 measuring cup.
$40 at

Yellow Submarino Organizer
Hector Serrano designed this bathroom organizer to pack a playful punch in your bathroom. Constructed of porcelain with a rubberized paint finish, this organizer has a soap dispenser and toothbrush caddy, plus two compartments where you can store whatever you want.
$70 at

Lumio Book Lamp
When it’s shut, this lamp looks like a nondescript book that you can hide on your shelf. Open it up and its pages illuminate, forming a cool sculpture.
$160 at

Albers Desk
This desk may cost a fortune, but its designed by one of the 20th-century’s greatest artists. The desk evokes the clean lines of the Bauhaus artist’s paintings, and even has an adjustable side wing, just in case you need more space.
$5,000 at

Wind Up Accordion Lantern
Whether used while on a camping trip, or during a summer barbecue, this lantern also doubles as a flashlight for up to four hours. And you can also power it up without electricity, thanks to its hand crank.
$28 at

Zipp Wireless Speaker
This wireless speakers projects 360 degrees of sound for up to four hours and comes with wool covers just in case you change your mood.
$449 at

Kebo Bottle Opener
The Kebo Bottle Opener frees up your other hand to do whatever you want because its sleek design only needs one to pop open a bottle.
$25 at

3 Doodler
You might think that this is a kid’s toy at first glance, but trust us, you’ll have hours of fun drawing in the air and making colorful 3D creations with this gadget, that melts filament so that you can create whatever your imagination desires.
$99 at

 Thank You Bag
Lauren Dicioccio took the iconic Thank You bag and turned it into a reusable, environmentally friendly sack that you can use for groceries or toting around your lunch.
$35 at

11+ Blue Tooth Speaker Set
This pair of speakers packs a punch, lasting up to 20 hours. Their angled base allows the sound to be aimed in a certain direction, or you can attach them back to back, for one speaker.
$85 at

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