The Real McCoy: Leather Head Sports

Coming from the epicenter of baseball in America, Paul Cunningham knows a thing or two about sports. Born and raised in Cooperstown, New York, Paul spent years as the photo editor for Major League Baseball. While there, he perfected his skills as a top drawer leather craftsman which lead to him going on his own and founding Leather Head Sports, makers of footballs, baseballs, basketballs, rugby balls and even medicine balls.

These beautifully crafted leather goods are a refreshing alternative to the Sports Authority mass manufactured balls that dominate the industry. Leather Heads are made to order one at a time by Paul and his craftsmen in New Jersey. They hand cut the leather and sew each one inside out before having a rubber bladder inserted and then being assembled with a rawhide lace.

And fret not, Paul even sources his leather in America from tanneries in Chicago and Maine. These are great gifts too, as some can be laser engraved with a friend’s name or a company logo.

Check out the site to watch an amusing video of Paul making a football. Clearly, he is the real McCoy.

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