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The Old Try Gives Back to Boston

What a difference a day makes. We met Micah Whitson at a jovial drinking session at The Ordinary, in Charleston Sunday night during DIG South and heard great things about his company, The Old Try. Micah and his wife are former ad people who live in Boston but  grew up in the South. They wanted to reconnect to their roots so they began screen printing letter press posters recalling various sayings and places from the South. All their posters are made on old machines with hand blocked letters and printed on 100% cotton.

After our initial email we all learned of the tragedy that hit Boston and we connected back with Micah to make sure they were safe. They are but their studio is two blocks from the finish line, so the tragedy is very close to home.

With their studio still closed, they were eager to help and so they teamed up with Union Press to make their very first New England print. All profits will be going to the Boston Marathon Fundraiser.

“We’re trying to be good neighbors, and just ’cause we didn’t grow up here doesn’t mean we don’t cry with those who are crying,” Micah told us. “This print that we’re making is for the folks that do now or have called Boston home. Patriots Day changed us all, doesn’t matter if we’ve been here for six years or sixty.”