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Tempur-Pedic Black Friday Mattress Sale Has Started — Save Today!

If you’ve been waiting for the best Tempur-Pedic Black Friday deals, your wait is over. Because they deservedly command premium prices, Tempur-Pedic mattress deals draw loads of attention. This year’s Tempur-Pedic Black Friday deals have hit, so it’s time to make your move for the best sleep of your life. The following are the best Black Friday Tempur-Pedic deals today.

Today’s Best Tempur-Pedic Black Friday Deals 2021

  • TEMPUR-Essential — $1,299, was $2,165
  • TEMPUR-Cloud — $1,399, was $1,999
  • TEMPUR-breeze — $3,999, was $4,299

TEMPUR-Essential — $1,299, was $2,165

Tempur-Essential set up in a bedroom.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Why Buy:

  • Risk-free 90-night trial
  • Comfy sleeping with no sore back
  • Four distinct layers, each engineered for a specific function
  • Medium-soft feel with adaptive support

Here’s a Tempur-Pedic mattress deal that may disappear forever when the current inventory is gone. The Tempur-Essential is a special edition mattress that was previously sold only through select retailers. There are four layers. Starting from the bottom, the base layer supports the upper layers and channels heat away so you won’t get hot and can sleep cool, dry, and comfortably. The support layer next up is made of Tempur material that personalizes your comfort by responding to your temperature, weight, and shape. The comfort layer follows that, and it’s made of Tempur-ES material, an amazing softer than normal mix that balances responsive support and cushioning comfort. On the top is a breathable, moisture-wicking, super-stretch premium fabric cover. The cover protects from dust mite dander, mold, and other common allergens thanks to its antimicrobial treatment.

You can save another $300 if you pair a Tempur-Essential mattress with a qualifying adjustable base. The Tempur-Essential mattress is approximately 10-inch high. Like other Tempur-Pedic mattresses, the Tempur-Essential comes with a 90-night trial period followed by a 10-year limited warranty against defects. In this year of inventory shortages and shipping challenges, the Tempur-Essential is likely to sell out quickly, so we recommend acting immediately so you won’t miss out on this 40% off deal on this very special edition mattress.

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TEMPUR-Cloud — $1,399, was $1,999

Tempur-Cloud with couple sitting on the bed.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Why Buy:

  • Moisture-wicking super-stretch cover
  • Relieves pressure all night as you move
  • Easy to set up thanks to a unique combination of formulations
  • Blends firmness with pillowtop softness

The Tempur-Cloud layer formulations are adaptable and light enough to ship directly to customers’ homes. The mattress has a 10-inch high profile with four layers. The moisture-wicking top layer stretches in all directions, hence its 360-degree flexibility. With superior breathability and airflow, the cover helps keep you cool and comfortable. The first layer under the cover is a new Tempur Comfort formulation that provides the magical mix of responsive cushion and comfort. Right under the Comfort layer, a Tempur Support layer reacts slowly to conform to your body shape and weight, providing pressure relief and support as you move during the night. The Tempur-Cloud’s base layer of premium foam handles the need for durable support so the upper layers can work. The Manual’s mattress experts declared the Tempur-Cloud the best for a Tight Budget in the last round-up of the best mattress.

Tempur-Pedic claims the Temper-Cloud mattress is “Soft where you want it, Firm where you need it.” This appealing mix of comfort and support is also easy to deliver for customer set up. After removing the Tempur-Cloud from its shipping bag or box, you need only to unroll it, wait a bit for it to fully decompress and settle, and then get ready for a wonderfully comfortable and healthy night’s sleep. Like other Tempur-Pedic mattresses, the Tempur-Cloud includes free delivery and a 90-night trial period. With 30% savings on this Tempur-Pedic Black Friday deal, we suggest deciding and buying it quickly so you won’t miss out, especially on the most popular queen and king mattress sizes.

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TEMPUR-breeze — $3,999, was $4,299

Tempur-Breeze set up in a bedroom.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Why Buy:

  • SmartClimate cover is infused with cooling fibers
  • Comfort layer helps retain coolness all night long
  • Customizable feel and firmness
  • Support layer that relieves pressure with an ultra-breathable design

If you seek the ultimate in cool, healthy sleep, the Tempur-Breeze mattress collection is your destination. We declared the Tempur-Breeze the best mattress for hot sleepers in our recent best Tempur-Pedic mattress evaluation. Take advantage of the rare $300 Black Friday deal price break on the Tempur-Breeze line, choosing the 3-degrees cooler Probreeze model or the 8-degrees cooler Luxebreeze. Cooler temperatures aren’t the only difference between the Tempur-Breeze models. The two versions also differ in pressure relief and profile.

Tempur-Breeze Probreeze mattresses have CM+ climate management and original Tempur material for the latter’s vaunted pressure relief. Luxebreeze models benefit from CM+ and ventilated APR (advanced pressure relief) for comfortable support and enhanced breathability. Motion cancellation is technologies are the same in both Tempur-Breeze models. The two versions differ in profile. The Probreeze has a 12-inch high profile with 3-level cooling provided by three layers of material. The Luxebreeze line adds another level of material for additional cooling and pressure relief. Luxebreeze mattresses have 13-inch high profiles. With both Tempur-Breeze models, you benefit from three cooling technologies. When you first lie down the top layer SmartClimate Cover’s cooling fibers are cool-to-the-touch and immediately help you relax. As you lie in bed Tempur-Pedic’s PureCool+ PCM (phase change material) begins to work, which you experience as a soothing gradual sensation. While you sleep the Tempur-CM+ layer assists in keeping the bed temperature low as you give off body heat. The result is a good night’s right and feeling fresh and ready when you awake. The Tempur-Breeze mattresses are the flagships of the line and provide the most refreshing cool sleep experience. Take advantage of the Tempur-Pedic Black Friday discount and act decisively.

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Should You Shop These Tempur-Pedic Black Friday Deals or Wait Until Cyber Monday?

A bed is a massive purchase, so you might be thinking about whether you should wait until Cyber Monday to hold out for a better deal than the one right now. We’re here to tell you that you should absolutely get these Tempur-Pedic mattresses right now. Normally, most Cyber Monday deals are just a rehash of Black Friday deals. In some cases, the discounts might get even worse on Cyber Monday. However, Tempur-Pedic has explicitly stated on their website that most of their Black Friday deals are only going to be around until Black Friday. If you wait any longer than that, then you’ll probably miss out on these massive discounts of up to 40% off. Even for deals that aren’t time-limited, these discounts are only around while supplies last.

It’s unlikely, but if you manage to find a better deal on a Tempur-pedic mattress on Cyber Monday, you can always cancel your order or return your mattress thanks to their risk-free trial. If you order on Monday, you’ll still be able to get yours before the holidays. However, these prices are already a massive steal on some amazing mattresses, so there’s a very good chance you won’t need to. With Tempur-Pedic being one of the hottest sleep brands around right now, there’s a good chance that some of these mattresses will stock out soon. Start sleeping better by picking up one of these amazing Tempur-Pedic mattresses right now.

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