Steambox Will Make You Want to Take a Long, Long Bath

As February looms ahead and with no end of winter in sight, we wouldn’t blame you if your free time is primarily spent in a pair of joggers on the couch watching bad television.

And, if we’re being honest, trudging through snow, slush, rain, and biting cold just hasn’t been in the cards for us lately. Frankly, the foul weather has even forced off the couch and into a long, hot bath (and with the beauty of streaming television and i-gizmos of all types, we brought the bad TV in with us).

Now, some may say that baths are for strictly for women, children, and the infirm. I say look to the Romans, the Turks, the Japanese, and many more cultures throughout the world that have strong bathing cultures. Roman aristocrats and senators struck deals in bathhouses, Turkish men still retreat to their own versions of the bath to be beaten by leaves and rubbed raw by huge men, and Japanese businessmen finalize contracts in onsen. In short, baths are pretty damned manly and if you’re not taking them at least once every couple of months, you’re missing out on a relaxing time that’s good for both the body and the mind.

So, to get your ablutions up to snuff, Bespoke Post has curated this box of restorative goods to man-up bath-time.

Bespoke Post is a subscription service that adds a touch of lux to your life. Subscribe monthly for only $45 and you’ll have the option to select a box of goods that fit your lifestyle. If you’re a commitment-phobe, then you can get it on its own for $55.

The Steam box includes one each of 100% Turkish cotton bath and hand towels, backed with terry cloth, which makes these towels super-absorbant, quick-drying, and they dry flat, unlike many lower quality towels. Also in the box is Everywhere Lotion by das boom industries which can, as the name confirms, be applied everywhere. So, post-hot-bath, slather up from head to toe and stay moisturized despite the winter wind.

While in the bath, use Kent & Bond’s charcoal pine Organic Body Brick to exfoliate and deep clean pores. This particular soap is hand-cut, pressed, and aged for three months. It’s almost like a bourbon!

And finally, you can’t forget about those pearly whites. Bespoke Post’s Steam Box includes a couple of items to keep your chompers in top shape. You get a charcoal bristle bamboo toothbrush from Ernest Supplies and Davids‘ mint Premium Natural Toothpaste. The combination of charcoal and plaque attacking toothpaste should shine your smile and freshen your breath.

Soaking in a hot bath not your idea of night well spent? Check out Bespoke Posts’s other boxes this month; there’s sure to be something to catch your eye.

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