Nothing Says “Bromance” Like a Beef Jerky Broquet for Valentine’s Day

say it with beef
A wise engineer once said, “What does one dude get another dude who is in the hospital without it being awkward?”

A bouquet of flowers seems a bit strange and a gift card would definitely be a lazy, thoughtless gift. If you find yourself in a bind and need a present for your best bro’s special occasion, Say It With Beef has the perfect thing for your carnivorous friends: a “broquet” made with 100-percent beef jerky

There’s nothing wrong with acknowledging a little bromance every now and then, especially when beef jerky is involved. With Valentine’s Day just a few weeks away, why not use the holiday as an excuse to throw some brotherly love your buddy’s way?

The Broquet is an edible “floral” arrangement made entirely of high-quality beef jerky. I picked up a couple of these broquets for my friend slast year, and they were a huge hit — so much that a buddy even returned the favor on my birthday a couple of weeks later. It has now become somewhat of a tradition.

Say It With Beef offers two different, delicious broquets —  roses and daisies — that have changed the guy gift-giving game. Each assortment is intricately designed to resemble a flower, but instead of pollen, this broquet will be blooming with whatever flavor option you choose: original, teriyaki, peppered, or mixed. For the base, you can choose from a pint glass or a beer mug. You know, just to put some more manly touches on your gift.

Each broquet costs $69 for a half-pound of the finest, meaty flora that can be sent anywhere in the U.S. And, if you’re looking for a more romantic Valentine’s gift for your man, a beef jerky broquet might will fit the bill. After all, the best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach … or something.


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