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Save $100 on airweave Mattresses and Toppers When You Shop Today

If you’ve been considering ordering one of the best mattress-in-a-box brands for a while, you’re going to love the latest deal from airweave. Right now, you can save $100 off all its mattresses and toppers, simply by using the code BTS100. It’s a super simple way to save yourself plenty of cash on some of the best mattresses out there at the moment. With plenty of reasons to take advantage of the sale, we thought we’d take a little time to explain all about the fantastic range offered by airweave. The code works until September 30, but why waste time? You could be enjoying a better night’s sleep sooner rather than later if you take advantage of the offer today.

It’s important to buy one of the best mattresses for a better night’s sleep as quality rest and good sleep hygiene is a crucial element of your happiness throughout the waking day. In the case of airweave’s range, it has everything going for it. One of the most popular options is airweave’s Advanced Mattress. It offers superior breathability and support, while also providing germ-free and dust-free properties. Aimed primarily at those looking for a firm mattress, it provides extra back support that’s particularly well suited for back or stomach sleep positions but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have some advantages for side sleepers too. The airweave Advanced Mattress is equipped with three dual-mode airfiber blocks with three firmness levels to choose from, including soft, moderate, and firm, so you can tweak things just how you like them by rearranging the blocks to suit your body shape. It comes with two pillow-top layers too to add additional plushness to how you sleep with its modular design making it easy to clean and wash your mattress. Wash? Yup, one of the cool things about the airweave Advanced Mattress is that it’s entirely washable. Such a design means that airweave mattresses are used extensively in Japanese hospitals, medical facilities, and elder homes because it’s so practical. Besides being washable, the airfiber technology doesn’t attract mold, dust mites, or even bedbugs so you get a far cleaner mattress for longer meaning you can breathe easier and wake up more refreshed. Alongside that, airweave promises that its Advanced Mattress also offers 53% to 66% less muscle activity than sleeping on memory foam so — again — you’ll wake up more refreshed than ever before thanks to such great low motion transfer. Such technology is why airweave is the official bedding supplier to the U.S. Ski and Snowboard Team and is also used by dancers in training at the Royal Ballet too. Starting from $2,180 with an extra $100 off when you use the code BTS100, the airweave Advanced Mattress is a fantastic option for anyone looking for a hypoallergenic, cool mattress that offers practically zero motion transfer. If you’re looking for a relatively firm mattress, you can’t go wrong with this offer. Alternatively, airweave also provides the airweave Mattress, Top Mattress Luxe, and Top Mattress if you’re on more of a budget. Check out the site now to find out all about what airweave provides. And remember — use the code BTS100 to save $100 on your purchase. You won’t be disappointed.

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