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Samsung Goes Van Gogh on Our Asses with Frame TV

the-frame-lifestyle-tv (1), frame tv
Samsung Electronics America unveiled a new “lifestyle TV” that changes the way we use our television sets when…well… we’re NOT using them.

The Frame, teased at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas this January features an all-new “Art Mode” that turns the black screen of an unused television set into a framed art portrait. It looks (as the name says) like an elegant picture frame.

Users can choose among 100 custom-designed digital artworks spanning 10 different categories such as landscape, architecture, wildlife, action, drawing, and others. This means just about any interior design theme can be maintained by adding this bi-functioning TV/Painting. And these designs are light-years beyond your average screen savers.

The Frame beefs up its art game by offering numerous options for art layouts and colors, as well as customizable accessory options, including interchangeable bezels and an optional Studio Stand.

What shocks us most when seeing The Frame in action is how much better it makes a living room look. And just how bad a black TV face is for overall aesthetic.

One more element that helps the Samsung Frame truly look like a painting is its Invisible Connection (new to Samsung) and No Gap Wall-mount. Hang it virtually anywhere and it can blend seamlessly into the space.

Dave Das, SVP of Consumer Electronics Marketing for Samsung Electronics America said, “Our 2017 lineup is ushering in a new era for television. This year, we are taking smart features, craftsmanship, and creativity to new heights.”

The Frame will be available this Spring. Just in time to not watch as much TV.

Photo courtesy Samsung Electronics America

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