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A Uniquely Californian Retreat on the Edge of the Ahmanson Ranch Space Preserve

The Reserve Hills
Courtesy of Compass

California has always had its own architectural flair and this is especially true for wine country. Cool California vibes meet rugged western ranch life topped off with a touch of Tuscany to make Napa Valley a unique paradise. One husband and wife duo took inspiration from Napa Valley style to create a modern ranch retreat that is both luxurious and rugged. Located in the exclusive Hidden Hills community, The Reserve offers up the best of the best — relaxing West Coast living inside of an upscale take on the classic farmhouse.

With gently rolling hills and wide open spaces there is a rugged beauty to the Hidden Hills area. Developed by Legacy Estates LA, the goal was to develop a home that blends indoor and outdoor living, uses earthy neutral materials and infuses smart house technology to create easy going yet elevated spaces. Apurva Pande and Chinmaya Misra of architectural firm Cha:Col teamed up with interior designer Sharon Taftian to create the design. Looking out to the natural vistas of the surrounding Ahmanson Ranch Space Preserve, the low profile of the home doesn’t take away from the landscape, instead spreading out across the 1.14-acre property creating plenty of space for resort-like amenities and open-air living.

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Too often multi-million dollar homes have an obnoxious grandeur to them. It’s an outdated take on how architects assume the ultra wealthy want to live. The result is that these residences never have any heart. They are less “home” and more museum-like showpieces. The Reserve was created with “home” in mind — it is welcoming, cozy, and feels easy to live in. While finishes are all high-end and it is outfitted with some state-of-the-art technology, everything was done with comfort in mind.

Sprawling out across 13,460 square feet and containing 8 bedrooms, 8 bathrooms, and a whopping 4 kitchens, “cozy” might not seem like a word that can be applied to The Reserve. Thanks to careful design decisions inside and out, though, the home does in fact fit the cozy bill. Outside, the team at Cha:Col clad the exterior in a combination of warm materials, including stone and wood, to create a barn-like vibe. Incorporating the classic gable roof form of ranches and farmhouses, The Reserve is made up of several structures laid out in a U-pattern around the property. This formed a central courtyard which ties everything together and allows for a feeling of intimacy even on a large piece of land.

Inside, bright white walls, dark stone tile flooring, and soaring vaulted ceilings welcome guests. Walls of glass let natural light flood the space while providing views out to the courtyard. Thanks to the keen eye of Taftian, the design brings together luxurious finishes, farmhouse chic elements, and just the right amount of ruggedness that is a signature of the modern Napa Valley look. 

Sprinkled throughout the home is cutting-edge technology. A Laundry Jet system can automatically send clothes to be washed and dried and then returned to a bedroom or closet. Outfitted with a Control4 setup, The Reserve is fully automated right down to the kitchen sink. A Kohler Smart Home system is managed using Control4, allowing things like water temperature for the faucet and even warming up the toilet seat on chilly mornings to be changed with the push of a button. But the coolest bit of tech was reserved for the six-car garage. The center of the space features a revolving hydraulic-powered carousel — a totally unnecessary element that we wish we had in our own house.

Of course the whole point of California living is to be outside enjoying the beautiful weather as much as possible and that is where The Reserve truly shines. The central courtyard was meticulously designed by landscape architect Mike Clint and offers up every type of relaxation one could wish for. 

An outdoor living room and kitchen combo are sheltered by a stone gazebo that is larger than the average New York City apartment. This space overlooks the swimming pool, which has lounge chairs along one side and a built-in hot tub. Take the stone steps up to the patio area and you find the outdoor dining room. Beyond that, panels of glass slide into the walls to turn the family room into an open-air space that seamlessly blends with the patio. While these spaces let you soak up the sun, there are also plenty of shady spots under the trees to relax in. Hammocks, lounge chairs, and bistro sets are scattered around the property, adding another layer to the resort-vibe found throughout The Reserve.

A new build, The Reserve is currently on the market looking for the right owner. This property is ideal for outdoor-loving wine enthusiasts who have plenty of cash in the bank. With an asking price of $14.45 million, this is a luxury listing for sure, but with all of the unique tech, exclusive resort-style amenities, and stunning views of the Preserve, this home is a unique find that will sell quickly. The property was developed through Legacy Estates LA and is currently listed by David Emmanuel, Dana Olmes, Jeff Biebuyck, and Tomer Fridman of Compass.

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