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Recharge Anywhere: Power Practical

Power Practical
For the modern day outdoorsman, documenting your adventures and staying connected is almost as important as getting out on the trail – after all, with a good smartphone you can actually back up stories on that fish that got away if you get just one good picture. However, when you’re out on the trail all day, your phone and GoPro will be far outlasted by your adventures so you’re going to need back up power. We were lucky enough to meet the team behind Power Practical at the Outdoor Retailer Show, and have been carrying their portable battery packs ever since.

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Power Practical got their start in 2012 when the founders were sitting around a campfire. While enjoying the warmth, they realized that much of the energy was completed wasted in that extra heat. After playing with a few prototypes, the PowerPot was born. Using a thermoelectric circuit, the PowerPot is able to generate enough power from any heat source to charge your portable electronics. Following a successful round of funding on popular TV Show Shark Tank, Power Practical was born.

Power Practical - "Theres The Life" - ICELAND

These days, the team has perfected their power generation systems and have moved on to solving how to take that power with you. Their Lithium 4400 was their first foray into battery packs, and the perfect addition to any urban adventurer’s every day kit. doubling as a powerful flashlight (it can alst for up to 30 hours!), the 4400 packs the juice to charge your phone twice. As pocket power packs go, you probably won’t find something better sized or as cost effective.

Their forthcoming Pronto line up are where Power Practical’s engineering prowess really shines. Using a proprietary quick charge system, the Pronto 5 that we have been carrying for the last couple of months can fully charge in under an hour, providing 2-3 charges for your smartphone. Addititionally, the powerful three amp output can even power a full sized tablet. The Pronto 12 will more than double that capability. Imagine being able to plug in a battery pack for just an hour and having the ability to charge your phone and camera up to nine times over the weekend. It definitely gives creedence to their “Born to Roam” motto. With one of these batteries, you’ll stay connected on the trail long after the sun goes down.

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