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There’s Still Time to Save 35% Off This Award-Winning Mattress

So Black Friday and Cyber Monday have come and gone and you didn’t score all the holiday shopping deals you hoped for, like huge savings on a great mattress from Nectar, eh? Well, then you’d better just stick with that lumpy old mattress for another year and try again in 2021, right?

Wrong. But in the best kind of way, because (surprise, surprise) Nectar has extended their Cyber Monday deals and there’s still time to score The Nectar Mattress at a great rate and, what’s more, it comes with great goodies when you make the purchase this cyber savings week.

(Oh, and don’t worry if you need the whole shebang, from a frame to an adjustable base, those are all on sale at Nectar this week too. And by the way, we’ll use a queen-sized mattress as our frame here, but know that the same savings apply to all Nectar mattresses right now, scaled appropriately based on price.)

A queen-sized Nectar mattress, with its five layers including various foams, a thermoregulating quilted topper, and solid base, is a pretty great deal any day of the year given its standard price of $1,198. For reference, a roughly comparable Casper Wave mattress is nearly $2,600 at full price. But right now, you can score a queen Nectar for just $799, which, for those of you interested in the math, is $399 off.

Now, nearly $400 off a mattress is a great deal and one there’s no need to sleep on — just to act on But to sweeten the deal anyway, know that you have a full year (that’s 365 days for you math fans) to try out your Nectar mattress in your home. You can return the mattress at any time within that year for a full refund if you find it’s just not up to snuff.

OK, so now the deal is beyond solid, it’s stellar: Great price, no risk, e.g. How does Nectar take things up to the proverbial 11? Easy. Free stuff.

This week, on top of all the savings, you can get a mattress protector worth $99, a set of sheets that usually sells for $150, and a set of pillows also worth $150 thrown in with your purchase. So yeah, that’s $399 worth of extras to go with the $399 you save off the queen sized mattress.

Still hesitating here? Then you, sir or madam, must already have one amazing mattress, or you must not value sleep that much.

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