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Living Vehicle Is Redefining Our Idea of Mobile Homes

living vehicle
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Living on the road is becoming easier in recent years. From over-the-top luxury RVs to decked out tiny houses that have all of the amenities of a full-size home, there are endless choices. One option that seems to be going the way of the dinosaur, however, is the mobile home. Millennials don’t just want to live in a double-wide thanks to a certain stigma surrounding trailer parks, but there’s a new option in the mobile home game that is so luxurious, you’ll be saying yes to trailer living.

Living Vehicle is hard to pinpoint. It’s not a true tiny house, it’s not quite an RV, and it’s unlike any mobile home we’ve ever seen. The fact that Living Vehicle cannot fit into a defined category was an intentional decision by the creator, architect Matthew Hofmann.

With a decade of experience designing small spaces, Hofmann was able to put together a home on wheels that is small, yet feels spacious and has all of the modern luxuries of a high-end apartment in the city.

Tow-able like a tiny house, yet reconfigurable like an RV, Living Vehicle has the best of both worlds. The spacious gourmet kitchen features sleek contemporary cabinetry and a large island for meal prep. Next to the kitchen, is the combination living and dining area which has banquet seating that can be reconfigured into a bed for two. But the biggest surprise is the bonus bed hidden in the ceiling above. It drops down creating a bunk bed with additional sleeping for 2 more.

At the back of the trailer is the master suite which features the bedroom and a bathroom outfitted in spa-like finishes. A skylight above the shower makes the tight space feel bright and airy. The teak wood lining the shower and rain shower head add an extra touch of luxury to the space. In the bedroom, the queen bed can be converted into a sofa for extra seating. Another skylight in the bedroom makes for the perfect stargazing spot in the evenings.

Image used with permission by copyright holder

One of the biggest reasons people like to hit the road in their RVs is to enjoy the outdoors and Living Vehicle has that covered, too. A large deck folds down from the side of the vehicle to create an outdoor space for grilling and relaxing. The home even includes a stainless steel gas grill. Hofmann also designed Living Vehicle to be able to go off-road. A high ground clearance ensures it can handle rugged terrain and solar panels allow it to go off-grid. Unlike a standard RV, Living Vehicle is a four season home, allowing you to enjoy hot days in the desert or cold nights in snowy mountains.

This stylish, aluminum-clad home truly offers everything. Contemporary finishes, adaptability, and mobility, Living Vehicle can be a recreational vehicle or a permanent home. At a starting price of $150,000, it’s much more of an investment than a typical tiny house on wheels, but the versatility makes it worth every penny.

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