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Japandroids Release Their Triumphant Third Album, ‘Near to the Wild Heart of Life’

Japandroids Press Photo
Leigh Righton
The title of Japandroids third album, Near to the Wild Heart of Life, comes indirectly from a passage in James Joyce’s A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man.

Reading Clarice Lispector’s Near to the Wild Heart inspired vocalist-guitarist Brian King to, as he put it, “write a song that mimicked both the style and structure of the novel, somehow hoping to retain what I could of the tone and themes.” As King later discovered, the title of Lispector’s novel is taken from a passage in Joyce’s. King initially attempted to include elements of both novels in his song but later dropped the idea “in favour of [his] own account of awakening.” The album’s title track is the result.

Japandroids - "Near To The Wild Heart Of Life" (Full Album Stream)

Japandroids’ Near to the Wild Heart of Life is out now through Anti- and available on Amazon, Anti-‘s official store, and iTunes.

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