Inflate Summer Fun With ULI Boards

There’s nothing that says “summer” quite like water sports. From sailing to surfing, hitting the beach for more than a tan and a few mai tais always keeps us coming back for more. We want to squeeze as much out of these warm-weather months as possible, so having the top gear is an absolute must. We no doubt turn to ULI Boards for the best around.

ULI is a trailblazer in the water sports market. Founder Jim Weir has surfed for 50 years, so he is no rookie when it comes to knowing the difference between quality gear and the cheap stuff. The brand was the first to introduce inflatable boards and have been manufacturing and perfecting its products for the past eight years. A family-owned and operated company, ULI prides itself in knowing exactly how and why its product works, unlike companies that have simply sent similar molds to Asia for duplication.

So why an inflatable board? The answer is really very obvious. It’s summer and you’re traveling, whether it’s an hour to the beach or road tripping across the country. An ULI surfboard or stand-up paddle board saves you many things like overweight baggage fees, time lugging a heavy board around and the headache of worrying about someone tossing your gear haphazardly onto the luggage belt. And don’t worry about durability either – ULI Boards are firm enough to handle the roughest of waves. Actually, because they are so buoyant, they are easier to paddle than most. Simply inflated in minutes, you can either deflate your board or leave it as is for months when you’re done using it.

Not convinced yet? Head over to to do some shopping and check out the brand for yourself.

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