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Luxe Home Renovation: Hidden Hydrofloor Pools

Hydrofloors Twinscape Group
Hydrofloors have become the latest’s in lavish home renovation, equipping modern mansions and sprawling family homes with multi-use spaces that give way to secret underground pools.

(We can dream, can’t we?)

Hydrofloors, which are basically movable pool floors that can be lowered down to variable swimming pool depths or raised to meet the surrounding ground and used as a flat-top surface, have made the seamless transformation from a pool to a terrace or indoor gym to lap pool possible at the touch of a button.

The Hydrofloor Design Engineers at Twinscape Group who specialize in unique architectural solutions to maximize the utility of space say that aesthetically, Hydrofloors are a design dream since they are pragmatically strong, safe, and energy efficient. Not to mention a highly unique talking piece when visitors take the tour of your maison.

The immense load capacity of trademark Hydrofloors can accommodate any floor finishing (i.e. tile, glass-mosaic, and even marble), exceeding, while in its raised position, the standard floor strength rating of a home to support 55 lb/ft. So don’t fear turning your shimmering lap pool into a cool party space for celebrations. The Hydrofloor structure itself is made of stainless steel beams and custom designed to fit your unique pool size and location; outside or inside, it’s up to you.

Standard Hydrofloors (about 12’ X 24’) run approximately $230,000 (the starting cost for a Ferrari 458 Spider), but before you let that number soak in, a good excuse to take the plunge is that they’re highly energy efficient compared to average pools. The ability to ‘cap’ these disappearing pools helps maintain water warmth during colder months and keep it cool in the peak of summer.

And how the heck do they work? A buoyancy structure beneath the stainless-steel floor plates is pulled down via a network of stainless-steel cables and a pulley system with a water-based hydraulic cylinder to the pre-programmed depth, according to Twinscape engineers.

For safety precautions, a water level sensor is installed beneath the movable floor. And making the switch from floor to pool and back again is literally easier than scrolling through Netflix, being controlled by an up, down, and stop key-switch control button or touch pad.

Moving floor pool - party in and on the pool!

“Today’s modern man doesn’t want to be ‘the pool guy,’ constantly scooping leaves out of the water and having to worry about the safety of an unattended pool,” says Jim Farrell, Twinscape Group Business Development Director for the US. “Throw a great pool party, and then entertain friends on a beautiful terrace – all in the same space! Having a beautiful pool when you want one and, (at the touch of a finger), not having one when you don’t is what makes the Hydrofloor so awesome.”

So toss out that raggedy leaf collector and useless underwater vacuum, since a Hydrofloor investment comes with annual visits from certified Hydrofloor technicians. And now that you understand the logistics, the real question is how imaginative can you get with where you put your Hydrofloor and what it transforms to lowered and raised.

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