Holiday Gift Guide: The Techie

The Jawbone Mini Jambox

The Jawbone Mini Jambox, $179.99 at
This little speaker may only weigh 9 oz., but it sure does pack a lot of sound.

AViiQ Charging Kit Cable Rack, $60 at
Do all his or her tangled cords get on your nerves? Put some organization into his or her life with this cable rack.

Eton BoostTurbine 4000, $79.99 at
This battery pack with a crank power back-up gives your phone two full charges when you need power in a pinch.

Epic Bluetooth Virtual Keyboard, $99.99 at
Keyboards take up too much space, so why not use this virtual one to avoid the clutter?

 iGlove, $9.99 at
Don’t let your friend text bare-fingered in the cold!

Samsung Galaxy Camera, $449.99 at
He’ll be able to put his photos on Instagram or Facebook straight from this 16 Megapixel camera.

Pebble Smartwatch, $150 at
He’ll be able to track runs or order an Uber car from this slick smartwatch.

Sony DEV-50V Digital Recording Binoculars, $1,998 at
Track the stars and take pictures of them at the same time with these binoculars.

Polaroid Z2300 10MP Digital Instant Print Camera, $179.99 at
Perfect for those nostalgic for printed photos.

PlayStation 3 Bundle, visit for details.
If you can’t figure out what else to get, this will make him happy, we promise.

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