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Flipcrown Lets You Store Your Bike With Ease

flipcrown lets you store your bike with ease wallmounted
Bikes can be bulky. They can take up a lot of space. They can be a pain to store and keep your house cluttered. That’s why Patrick Jacquet and Rob De Schutter came up with Flipcrown, a simple, yet innovative way to store your bike. Basically, according to its website, Flipcrown is “a patent pending headset locknut that allows handlebars to be turned or flipped 90° for easy storage.”

According to its founders, “Designed to solve the problem of storing bikes in small, narrow spaces, FlipCrown allows to turn the handlebar so that it is parallel with the bike’s top-tube, letting you lean it against a wall without anything sticking out. Combined with FlipCrown’s chrome quick-release pedals and custom bicycle shelf, you can mount your slim bike on the wall like a piece of art.”

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And guess what, Flipcrown recently earned more than its $15,000 goal on Indiegogo, so it’s going into production! What does that mean for the rest of us? A very simple and easy way to store our bikes. Think of all the other ways to use that space that will be freed up by hanging your bike on the wall. You could add a desk there, a table, a couch! More and less clutter, so how’s that for a contraption that basically allows us to turn the handlebars 90 degrees to make it easier to hang. Too bad we didn’t think of that. We have to say, we’re definitely glad someone else did. That way our bikes can get out of the way.

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