Feel Good Friday – Kentucky for Kentucky

feel good friday kentucky for
Attention every marketing firm in the United States, take notice of Kentucky. Now. Yeah, it’s been the shizzle for several years because all things Southern have been exploding in deep fried hipness as of late but KY has a little extra renegade up their overalls. Three friends, Kent Carmichael, Griffin Vanmeter and Whit Hiler came together when they realized that Kentucky’s branding was lame and formed the organization, Kentucky for Kentucky. “Unbridled Spirit” has been the slogan for the state since 2004. LAME. So the guys brain stormed over bourbon to come up with “Kentucky Kicks Ass”. Much better! They partnered with a local design firm, Cricket Press, who came up with the logo you see shining brightly above this here post.

But besides rebranding the birthplace of Blue Grass, Hunter S. Thompson and George Clooney, they are also out to help other Kentuckians present their wares to the world. That’s a Feel Good ‘Fried’ Friday if we ever heard one.

Here are some of our favorite projects they have going on at the moment:

Kentucky Toile
Kentucky Toile

KY Toile

Ok, ok dudes, don’t get all weird because we are talking fabric. Take a closer look. Oh it’s Muhammad Ali! Bourbon! Basketball and even Colonel Sanders riding a chicken. Now we bet you will want your truck lined in this stuff. Crafted in the classic french pattern, this project showcased nostalgic, yet classic scenes of eponymous Kentucky living. High five to Louisville, KY artist Rachael Sinclair who came up with this hilarity.

Flask and Mug
Flask and Mug

Flasks + Mugs

These limited edition ceramic beauties were inspired by iconic Kentuckian Col. Harlan Sanders (yes, Colonel Sanders!). They were created from the mind and mitts of artist David Kenton Kring.

Y'all Sweatshirt
Y’all Sweatshirt

Y’ALL (Sweatshirts  + T-shirts)

Throw some twang in it with their ode to a Southern “Ivy League” lifestyle. This sweatshirt really should come with a banjo.

Keep an eye on these dudes, they have a lot in the works including candles in scents like Ale-8-One, Derby and Fried Chicken (woah),  kids apparel and handmade leather goods from Kentucky locals as well as some letterpress stationary rolling your way. Truly Kick Ass.


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