Feel Good Friday – Y’allsome

feel good friday yallsome
feel good friday yallsomeOn a personal note, if you haven’t figured it out yet, I like saying ‘Y’all’. Hell, I’m from Atlanta! So when this new brand called Y’allsome popped up on my desk I was instantly intrigued.

Founded by Atlanta native Craig Evans (no we don’t know each other but our mamas probably do), the lifestyle line is rolling out with tees, hats and prints all made using Southern businesses and purveyors:

–       Cotton from Cotton of the Carolinas in North Carolina

–       Tee shirt design by TS Designs in Burlington, North Carolina

–       Hat embroidery from Ginny’s Custom Embroidery in Monroe, Georgia

–       All artwork printed at Grand Palace Silkscreen in Nashville, Tennessee

All of the inks are environmentally friendly to boot.

feel good friday yallsome

Craig grew up in the South and went to college at Sewanee (The University of the South). He eventually ended up in New York City and dove into the advertising world working with big boy firm Wieden+Kennedy and working with clients like Nike, the NFL, ESPN and Miller Lite. Sadly, he hasn’t made his way back to the homeland, but creating Y’allsome is his way of staying connected for now.

As with so many other aspects of Southern culture, Ya’llsome is progressive in it’s thinking. 15% of all Y’allsome proceeds help provide Southern foster kids with a loving family and a secure home via an organization called Adoption Discovery. As Craig likes to tout, “Y’allsome was launched not to simply celebrate the South, but also to foster it.”

feel good friday yallsome

Adoption Discovery is a non-profit educational program that aims to raise awareness about adoption and educate people on the process, with the goal to provide permanency for every child available for adoption. Y’allsome specifically works with Adoption Discovery to help Southern foster kids across twelve states, however Adoption Discovery’s reach expands across the country.

Each year, foster children have to move from home to home using a trash bag. Y’allsome hopes to make a difference with its duffle bag initiative. Customers have the option to make a $20 donation, and Y’allsome will in turn send a duffle bag to a foster kid in the South. Each bag comes with a luggage tag for their name and email address. The donation covers the cost of the bag and shipping.

High five brother!


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