Feel Good Friday – Twillory

As we mentioned just weeks ago, tailored shirting launches are reaching fever pitch, and we couldn’t be happier. While Twillory just launched online in June, its’ president, Ricardo Goldschmidt’s family has been tied to quality manufacturing since 1892. His family still manufactures shirts for top brands and has offices in Chile, New York and Shanghai. Clearly Ricardo knows shirting. But like others, Ricardo wanted to turn the retail experience upside down so he is cutting out the middle man and offering custom made shirts direct to the consumer for $75. We have one and it is a thing of beauty.

Besides just looking good, shirts need to feel amazing. Nobody likes running around all day in a shirt that itches or one that doesn’t breathe. Twillory designs and crafts each fabric from the ground up. Using mostly 120’s Egyptian and Sea Island cotton, the shirts quite simply feel like they are made from angel wings. No joke (yes we have felt angel’s wings). The boys also utilize a 2-ply construction providing natural crease resistance.

They have wisely added an eighth button to keep their shirts firmly in place and the shirt tails are slightly shorter keeping you looking great even if you like to wear your button downs untucked.

We are equally as pleased to see French cuffs and spread collars in the mix. While we love button downs, it’s nice to switch it up and use those cuff links that haven’t seen the light of day for years.

While our only concern was that the shirts are made in China, we had a very kind answer from the brand that Twillory is made in a quality-controlled factory where they have an employee (Andy!) who actually lives there and oversees production every day thus monitoring ethical standards and environmental impact.

And now for the Feel Good Friday aspect of the brand. In every package Twillory sends out, they include a pre-paid mailer bag so that you can send back a gently used shirt, freeing room for the new and improved. Twillory inspects, launders and repackages the goods and distributes to those in need through Career Gear. Now your shirt that was swinging in the closet for over a year can help jobless, homeless and disaster stricken people both at home and abroad.

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