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These Automotive Icons Coffee Tables Take Supercars from Road to Living Room

Discommon isn’t your typical manufacturer. Sure, they’ve created memorable products for big name brands like Oakley and The Macallan, but what really sets them apart is what goes on behind the scenes, in what they describe as their “creative gymnasium”: Discommon Goods. Led by Mechanical Engineer and Advanced Product Development expert Neil Ferrier and longtime product developer and CAD wiz Jeremy Haden, the Discommon Goods boasts a team of top-notch designers comprised of unnamed industry leaders who collaborate on all the innovative, outside-the-box, and downright wacky ideas they may not get to do in their day jobs. The results are impeccably planned products that surprise, delight, and inspire awe – and their latest creation is certainly no exception.

The Automotive Icons Table Series is a 10-piece collection of bespoke coffee tables that combine vivid creativity with impeccable machining to pay tribute to iconic vehicle design, and the results are sleek, innovative, utterly unique pieces of furniture that will delight gearheads and design enthusiasts alike. The project started out as just another crazy idea – one that would involve hours of design time and was sure to test the studio’s ever-expanding machining limits. Never a group to shy away from a challenge, the idea got stuck in the team’s craw and before they knew it, over 100 hours of design time had been poured into perfecting vehicle models and finalizing textures and finishes for the series – a commitment that shines through in the final product. Each table is machined from a single, 4-foot-long, 3-inch-thick block of aluminum, and Discommon worked with long-time partner and pervasive aluminum innovator Neal Feay to perfect the look of classic vehicle designs emerging from liquid metal (think T1000 meets Transformers).

The Automotive Icons Table Series Ford GT
The Automotive Icons Table Series Ford GT

Four tables have been completed for the series so far (including a Ferrari F40 and a Ford GT), with the rest set to be privately commissioned so that future owners can have a hand in the design and manufacturing process. A Lamborghini Miura is on the list, and other designs could potentially feature planes or ships emerging from the tables in place of cars.

With such a high level of craftsmanship and creativity, you may not be surprised to learn that many of Discommon’s limited run products can sell out in a flash, but we’ve got some great news for you on that front: visit the company’s website and you can sign up to be one of The Insiders – a group of customers that receive first notice of new projects and access to the most limited runs produced by the team. If you’re a fan of innovation, boundless creativity, and impressive collaboration, Discommon is a group you’ll definitely want to keep an eye on.

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