7 Summer Date Ideas that Are More Creative than Just Grabbing Drinks

Tired of grabbing drinks every time you go out with someone? Then maybe it’s time to shake things up with some slightly more creative date ideas. Ultimately, it’s not so much about doing it big as it is about doing it specific, both to your interests and to those of your partner. Plus, putting in a little more effort is 1,000% guaranteed to make the experience more meaningful for you both.

So, without further ado, allow us to share some of our favorite summer date ideas with you. They range from the simple and free to the playful and whimsical, and should provide plenty of fodder for your own romantic adventures.

Indoor Picnic

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While outdoor picnics are cute and super charming, summer heat doesn’t always make them the most practical date option. Thankfully, you can still spin some magic by bringing the party indoors! Roll out a checkered blanket on your living room floor and pack a basket feast full of fresh fruit, finger sandwiches, and some bubbly. Bonus points if you decorate the space with house plants and a playlist of nature sounds.

Bookstore Adventure

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If you’re a bibliophile, go on a bookstore date! But don’t just shop for a new read, use it as an opportunity to share your love for words with someone you’re maybe sort of starting to love, too. To do this, split up with your partner once you get to the store and hunt for books you think the other would adore. Buy them (or just sit down with them in the store) and then explain why you thought they’d connect with them. Sharing art is incredibly meaningful — and sexy! — so don’t be afraid to get a little vulnerable.

Outdoor Concert

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Summer is a fantastic time for outdoor concerts, so peruse local newspapers or blogs for concert listings. Most cities and towns have some sort of outdoor festival during the season, which you can usually show up to loaded down with your own food and beverages. And the great thing is that it doesn’t really matter if the music’s any good — getting to sway with a cutie on your lap while some tunes float in the air is its own kind of wonderful.

Museum Tour

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For those of you museum heads in the bunch, an airy and air-conditioned museum can be a wonderful spot for a summer date. However, instead of just moseying around aimlessly, step things up with a specialized itinerary. If it’s a museum you know and love, create a map zigging and zagging between your favorite exhibits along with explanations for why you love them or are drawn to them. Dates are meant to help you get to know somebody better, so feel free to show off your knowledge and your passions.

Minor League Game

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Another fabulously summer date activity is a minor league baseball game. Sure, the Majors are a little more exciting, but there’s something nice and cozy about heading out to a more local venue. The crowds are smaller (but no less intense!) and the traditions are just a little kookier. If you and your date are a rambunctious duo, this idea could be a real home run (especially if you go on a Thursday, which is Thirsty Thursday just about everywhere).

Arcade Day

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Sure, arcade games may be a little juvenile, but it’s amazing how quickly a round of Skee-Ball can reconnect you to your inner child, especially if it involves some playful flirting. Get a bucket of coins and spend the day exploring your favorite games, then divvy up the raffle tickets and pick stuffed animals for one another. If you’re a naturally competitive guy, this could be a great way to see if your date is down to play.


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Acts of service can really bring people together, which is why a volunteer outing could be a great activity for you and your new love interest. There are a plethora of different ways to volunteer during the summer (from outdoor beautification to tutoring and sports programs), so pick one that seems right for y’all and spread a little charity. Maybe not the most outwardly romantic date idea, but one that could teach you a lot about your potential mate.

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