Baxter x RetaW Car Air Freshener

baxter x retaw car air freshner galactic cedar
We know, we know, you can’t believe we are covering a dangling car freshener. We never thought something like this would pass muster for us either. But we love Baxter and knew this wouldn’t smell like a truck stop.

After carrying products from the Japanese brand RetaW in the Baxter Finley barber & shop for several years, Baxter owner JP Mastey had the idea for a car scent and figured RetaW would be the ones to work with.  Mastey explained his idea further, “I wanted a lifestyle product that was slightly outside the box for us, but one that we could legitimately get behind and co-brand as a Baxter product. A scented car tag was the perfect product, and RetaW was the perfect partner.”

The scent is based on a very complex cedar fragrance developed with a ‘cedar closet’ in mind. There are elements of amber, oak moss and earth tones in the mix lending a more sophisticated edge to the product. Ever since we hung this little square in our car we can’t stop getting asked what smells so damn good, even from the toll booth lady! Plus the celestial artwork lends an artistic element to our streamlined auto interior.

To get your own car man-scent check out the Baxter website while supplies last.

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