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Why You Need to Get this Custom Modular Sofa

An Allform modular sofa in a living room.

I’ve been meaning to update my furniture since I’m home most of the time. I feel like my old couch is too big for such a small space. I have been looking at sectional sofas or something with a chaise lounge but I was afraid the pieces were going to be too big.

Finding the perfect sofa is always a challenge, kind of like car shopping. I have been looking all over and couldn’t find anything in the price range I wanted or the style I wanted. Then I came across Allform. It is a modern furniture company that puts together stylish and sleek pieces that are very comfortable. The style is similar to Mid-Century Modern but without the hefty prices.

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Allform produces modular sofas and some are even chaise sectionals. It has several options of deep vibrant colors using some environmentally friendly fabrics. Basically, you can customize your very own sofa in three easy steps:

  1. Choose the style you want: Loveseat, sofa, sectional, or even an armchair.
  2. Choose the fabric. You have seven fabric colors to choose from and two leather colors.
  3. Choose the leg color: Natural wood, walnut, or espresso.

That’s it! Of course, you can choose to add on options like throw pillows, lumbar pillows, an ottoman, and even various sized weighted blankets.

If you really have a large space, Allform offers modules all the way up to eight seats and various layouts like a double chaise or corner sectionals. The thing you would need to worry about is how many coffee tables you will need for your new seating arrangements.

The modular sofas use performance fabrics that are scratch-, and stain-resistant. Allform uses high-grade foam and fiber that are designed for a balance of cushiness and comfort. The hardwood frame is sturdily made and is kiln-dried and laminated. Allform sources its hardwoods from Sustainable Forest Initiative certified vendors. The fabric is treated with an eco-friendly stain-resistant product to protect against water, oil, and soiling. The leather tanning process uses a small amount of coloring for the richest color possible without disturbing the natural grain of the leather.

The three-seat sofa is the most popular and measures 90 inches wide by 38 inches deep by 34 inches tall and the leg height is 6 inches. To keep the sofa from sagging, the webbed Tempered Steel Flexolator Grid System uses 11-gauge helical spring coils and is all manufactured in North Carolina.

I really like the fact that Allform is committed to sustainability and eco-friendly products. Its facilities are mindful of water and energy usage, and it even converted its facility to LED lighting. Allform uses water-based glues, all of the material is 95% recycled material, and it uses 100% recycled packaging and padding.

Allform makes it super easy to change up your love seat or sofa. Say you want a sectional for the living room; all you have to do is order the module and it comes with all the hardware and the legs. The best part? You don’t need any tools to assemble the furniture! Which is great since I live in the city and don’t have any tools.

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