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At $295 million, this is the most expensive home in America

Dawn McKenna Group / Coldwell Banker Realty

The S&P 500 is at all time highs, Bitcoin is bouncing back, and let’s face it — you’re a man, but you’ve probably still got some value-appreciating Legos around the house somewhere. Chances are, you’ve got some extra money lying around that you want to get rid of. And, if you’re like the rest of us, that could mean indulging in your first luxury watch or renting an RV for a week of traveling about these great United States.

But what if you’re not like the rest of us? What if you’re the one that sold the Bitcoin pizza, not the one that bought it. What if you’re the CEO of one of those 4-day work week productivity powerhouses? What then? Then just buy a house. A $295,000,000 house. In Florida. Retire. Have fun. A property known as Gordon Pointe  is for sale and the Wall Street Journal is telling us that it’s the most costly piece of real estate in the US.

What’s being sold

The most expensive home in America.
Dawn McKenna Group / Coldwell Banker Realty

For $295 million, you better be getting a lot. Here’s what is included in the compound the eventual purchaser is being promised:

  • 3 homes totaling 22,800 square feet
  • Over 1,500 combined feet of bay and beach front
  • A giant dock
  • A massive yacht basin

As you might be able to guess from such a massive property, there was some assembly required. It’s a story that spans almost 40 years, when original property owners John and Rhodora Donahue spent a million on a 4.3-acre plot of Floridian land back in 1985. (The equivalent of nearly $3 million today.) From there, developing it over the years by building on it, grabbing up over 50 extra acres from neighboring spots, and more occupied the couple. Now, some 39 years later, the founders are gone and their 101 descendants are parting with a portion of the original property. This is a place with true history, lived-in lives of luxury, and is soon to house a new generation of the American rich.

Dawn McKenna Group / Coldwell Banker Realty

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