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The Sexy, Sleek Look of a Bugatti is Now Available for Your Home

Bugatti Luxury Living Group

Bugatti. The name rolls off the tongue with the same smoothness of the automaker’s sleek cars. While most will never get the chance to own a Chiron, you now have the opportunity to have a Bugatti in your living room. The iconic curves have been reimagined into a new line of home goods as part of Bugatti’s 110th-anniversary celebration.

To some, it may seem creating a home collection is an odd way to celebrate a milestone anniversary, but the Bugatti family started their legacy with furniture, not cars. The Cobra Chair is the hallmark piece from the new Bugatti Home Collection and it is a tribute to Carlo Bugatti, father of Ettore, the founder of the car company. Carlo was an interior designer and created the Cobra Chair in 1902. The relaunch of this iconic piece comes with some variations from the original, including a “110 Ans Bugatti” logo embroidered onto the chair back. Only 110 of these chairs will be available and they come in a range of bold colors.

The Bugatti Home Collection has something for every room and pays homage to some of the company’s most famous cars. One of their earliest models, the Type 41 Royale, was reimagined as a sofa and matching armchair. The Royale pieces turned the swooping lines of the car into curved seat backs, blending traditional design elements with contemporary touches.

The Atlantic Chairs and Dining Table take inspiration from the long lines of the hood on the Type 57 Atlantic. The sleek, linear pieces are made from carbon fiber, allowing for an ultra-minimalist silhouette. The streamlined seats are accented with cognac leather cushions for maximum comfort and luxury.

Louis Chiron was one of Bugatti’s most successful racing drivers and the company has honored him in many ways, including naming one of their most popular car models after him. So it’s no surprise that a big part of the new collection is the Chiron seating group. Including a sofa, armchair, and chaise lounger, the Chiron seating group was designed with aerodynamic lines and creates the sensation of floating. The steel gray leather pairs perfectly with the Marguerite coffee table, creating a sleek, masculine look for the living room.

Rounding out the collection are two sets named for the company founder and his beloved wife. Ettore is an office set that includes a chair, a desk, and a storage console. The leather wrapped pieces are accented in the stylish Blue Royale finish. The pieces can be reconfigured to suit your needs and incorporate the swooping lines their cars are known for.

The Home Collection bedroom set has been named for Ettore’s wife, Lidia (and not their failed “Project Lydia”). Called Lydia, the platform bed and bedside tables are done in a soft creamy beige leather and accented by the Blue Royale finish. The bedside tables are wrapped in the same leather while the support is the deep Blue Royale color creating a sharp contrast and highlighting the sleek lines of the table.

Debuted at the Milan Furniture Fair 2019, the full line from the Bugatti Home Collection is available to purchase through Luxury Living Group. No word on pricing, but if the cost of their cars is any indication, there’s a good chance we’ll have to settle for the Legacy Vases. That Royale Sofa will probably have to stay a dream.

For a look at accessories that will complement this collection, check out our roundup of auto-inspired home accessories.

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