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5 Ways You Can Turn Your Apartment Patio Into an Urban Oasis

Summer is here and that means barbecues, chill nights by the fire, and quality time outside enjoying the sun. But if you’re a city dweller, the best outdoor spots like rooftop lounges can be hard to find and even harder to get into. Have no fear, we’ve rounded up our favorite products for creating your very own urban oasis.

Whether it’s a balcony or a rooftop space, there are special considerations for creating the perfect urban oasis that your suburban friends with backyards don’t have to worry about. Two of the biggest issues are privacy and wind. Cramped city blocks filled with highrises means you most likely have neighbors across from you, or even above you, who can see right into your patio. These same buildings create wind tunnels that can put a damper on parties and send lightweight patio furniture flying. To upgrade your apartment patio, begin by blocking the wind naturally by starting with …


You can tackle both problems by building a natural privacy wall using Gold Bar Maiden Grass. This plant grows up to four feet tall to create a hedge for privacy and they form a natural wind barrier. The gold striped leaves of the maiden grass pair perfectly with the acacia wood of the Alicante Outdoor Planter from World Market. Gold Bar Maiden Grass does well in tall, slender containers so grab the “small” size planter and enjoy your stylish new privacy screen.

Follow up your wind blocking plants and planters with someplace nice to sit a spell with …


The higher up your outdoor space, the harsher the elements. From wind to beating sun, you’re going to need furniture that is stylish and sturdy. Every rooftop space is different so why not get pieces that you can fully customize to suit your needs? The Pixel Collection from Maglin let’s you design your own seating. With a steel base and Ipe wood top, the pieces can be configured to become platform seating, a row of benches, or even a lounger. There are even integratable planters to add some extra greenery to truly turn your outdoor space into a mini oasis in the city.

Once you’ve got the wind blocked and a place to sit, you’re going to need to add some atmosphere (and maybe a bit of warmth) with …


Don’t think that just because you don’t have a backyard you can’t have a bonfire like your suburban friends. Solo Stove lets you create a cozy spot to gather ‘round with and roast up some s’mores. Their Ranger model is compact, durable, and low smoke – perfect for city dwellers. This little guy runs on chunk wood or small logs, so if you’re renting, double check that your lease allows for open flames.

Finally, tie it all together with …


If it’s an actual rooftop space you are looking to update, there’s a high chance of being stuck with ugly asphalt tiles as your flooring. Even if it’s a cement-base balcony, you probably want to cover up that dull, boring gray. Outdoor area rugs come in every color and pattern under the sun, so finding one to fit your unique style isn’t hard. The trick is finding one that’s stylish and durable. We love Ruggable for their endless options and the fact that their rugs can be thrown in the wash.

And last, but not least, what good is an apartment patio or balcony intent on entertaining without some great …


And finally, you can’t create chill vibes without the right tunes, so getting a sound system set up is key. We love Sonos for their unbeatable sound quality. Their Sonance architectural outdoor speakers not only deliver that great sound, they also are built tough – able to withstand anything mother nature can throw at them. The only downside we see with these is that they have to be wired to the Amp. If you want to go wireless, check out the SoundTouch system from Bose. Still great quality and durability without having to worry about wires.

Have a yard instead of a patio? Jazz that space up with a fire pit. You can even build one yourself.

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