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Audi and Airbnb Bring You Death Valley House, an Auto-Inspired Luxury Travel Fantasy

Ever wanted to head out for the empty lake beds of the American West to test a high-performance supercar all while residing in a uber-mod house with no address, only coordinates on a map? If you nodded your head in the affirmative while reading that, then look no further than the 2016 Emmy Awards on September 18, when Audi and Airbnb’s official first collaboration will launch with the above TV spot entitled “Desolation.”

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For the past six years, Audi has been the official automotive sponsor of the Emmy Awards. This year, they’ve gone a step further and teamed up with Airbnb to bring you the luxury travel fantasy of a lifetime. If you’re a serious gearhead with an admiration for architecture and a need for speed, then you’ll definitely want to tune into this year’s Emmy Awards for your chance to book one of seven guest stays at Death Valley House, located in the middle of the desert near Scotty’s Junction, Nevada. This two-night, three day, high-throttle adventure experience comes complete with a fully-fueled 2017 Audi R8 that you can drive under the guidance and tutelage of Audi’s VIP driving instructors, along with Audi’s Q7 for everyday driving, a chef to tend to your nourishment needs, and daytime staff and concierge to make sure your driving and relaxation are as high-performance as their vehicles.

“Once again, Audi is honored to support television’s brightest stars during its biggest night,” said Loren Angelo, Vice President of Marketing, Audi of America. “What better stage to introduce our marketing partnership with Airbnb than the Emmys? Pairing an acclaimed and architecturally stunning home with the award-winning Audi R8 offers fans the chance to experience the ultimate full-throttle driving fantasy.”

“Travel on Airbnb is all about experiences that liven up your sense of adventure and ultimately become a way of life,” said Airbnb CMO, Jonathan Mildenhall. “We love that Audi shares that same spirit and are excited to offer this experience with them to those who live to drive, live to travel and live to adventure.”

And experience it you will. As Audi says, “With an engine and chassis derived 50% from the R8 LMS racecar, and a powerful 610-hp V10 that has the potential to hit 0-60 in a mere 3.2 seconds, the Audi R8 is one beautiful beast of engineering.” And this is a beast you can tame yourself. Take it for a spin through the desolate, remote, 80 acre desert landscape and experience for yourself what it feels like to truly put the pedal to the metal.

If you’ve got a couple grand and free weekends in the coming months, be sure to check out the collaboration’s Airbnb page on September 18 at 6:00 PDT/9:00 pm EDT (during the 2016 Emmy Awards), for the first-come, first-serve opportunity to score one of these seven available exclusive bookings. One booking will be released each day at the same time from September 18 through September 24. Click fast, men. Speed is of the essence here.

But, don’t feel bad if you can’t snag a stay here, you always have the option of living out your own Mad Max fantasy a few states over at Utah’s Bonneville Salt Flats.

However, if you do manage to secure one of these bookings, invite us along for the ride! We’re fun, we promise.

Photo Credit: Audi of America

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