Vice and Airbnb Want to Send You to One of the World’s 4 Greatest Cities

Most travel contests and giveaways promise to send winners on an all-expense paid vacation to somewhere exotic to spend a week on the beach sipping neon tropical drinks. And, really, is that all bad? But, what if you want to dig deeper into the local culture? Vice and Airbnb have teamed up to gift 100 travelers each the trip of a lifetime to explore a unique subculture in four of the world’s greatest cities.

Vice — a company renowned for its hard-hitting journalist reporting in some of the world’s most fascinating destinations — is arranging the individual trips and itineraries. Contest winners will have the opportunity to dive deep into one niche subculture in their chosen city, including Cape Town, New York City, Paris, or Tokyo. Parisian winners, for example, will receive a proper education behind the history of the “City of Love.” Vice collaborated with sex and intimacy writer/therapist Camille Emmanuelle to develop an itinerary that explores the city’s cabarets, “love stores” (i.e. sex shops), and private burlesque classes.

Kira Airbnb New York Harlem
Kira, Belle of the Ball/New York/Airbnb

New York winners will venture to Harlem to develop an appreciation of the underground “voguing” dance culture. Artist Kia LaBeija will teach travelers the dance moves and history behind the movement and even attend a vogue party. Tokyo visitors will explore the city’s somewhat underground “queer culture by learning how manga comics are pushing LGBTQ narratives into mainstream pop culture.” The tour’s highlight is a visit to the capital city’s Ni-chōme district, home to the world’s largest concentration of gay bars. Cape Town winners will visit Khayelitsha Township for a behind-the-scenes look at the thriving “Township Techno” electronic music scene. Tour-goers will have the opportunity to learn traditional and modern South African dance moves, plus work with renowned rapper Spoek Mathambo to lay down a brand new track.

Every winner will receive round-trip airfare to their chosen city, three nights accommodation in an Airbnb, and a per-diem to help with food and additional transportation. The requirements are simple: you must have an Airbnb account (free), be at least 21 years old, and live in Australia, Canada (excluding the Province of Quebec), France, Germany, Japan, Mexico, South Africa, the United Kingdom, or the United States. You have until September 1, 2017 to submit a unique, thoroughly creative video outlining why they should pick you. (And, if you win, you must also promise to take us with you!)

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