9 American Towns, 9 Romantic Getaways

Here’s an “oh S$!*,” moment for you: Valentine’s Day falls on a Friday this year. And more, it’s a long weekend, should you happen to have President’s Day off that Monday the 17th. There’s no pressure to do anything special (that’s according to every girl we’ve asked) but since it is on a weekend, why wouldn’t you do something above and beyond (which is what they’re really thinking). So, here’s the deal—take advantage of the Hallmark enforced romance of the weekend of February 14th, or constantly be compared to the dude who did.

There’ll be no shortage of couples “deals” at restaurants and sales on jewelry, both of which are the bare minimum for any Valentine’s day. But this is Valentine’s Day weekend. So, if you’re really, truly happy in your relationship, or just getting one off the ground, maybe consider a romantic weekend getaway. You don’t have to fly to Paris or set sail for the Caribbean, you just need to find a location that’s got a comfy room, has a few activities in case you feel like going outside and (of course) wine and chocolate. Do it wrong and she’ll love you for the effort (or, our advice, you can move on). But romantic getaways done right can get you bonus points for at least the year, and probably a little more. To help…we’ve tracked down some of the coolest places in America that were made just for loving.

From San Francisco: Tree Bones Resort, Big Sur

You might be tempted to go north towards Sonoma, but we say: Pack your own wine and look south to Big Sur. It’s a three and a half hour drive, but you will be rewarded handsomely at Tree Bones Resort, which we’re sure you’ve heard someone raving about. Luxury yurts (think fancy tents) with gas burning fireplaces, ridiculous sunset views, heated swimming pool and hot tubs and a little outdoor sushi bar to keep you fed. It’s just after Sea Lion mating season, and if you take a kayak from the resort, there’s a good chance you can see ’em. If the yurts are all sold out, and you’re really feeling like making babies, or hell, already have one and feel like being weird…there’s the Human Nest, which is just as it sounds: a covered bed made out of twigs on a cliff.

From Portland & Seattle: Cannery Pier Hotel, Astoria

Go to Astoria. Do it. It might be a touch frigid, but if you stay at the Cannery Pier Hotel, where every room has a gas fireplace and river views, you won’t really mind. Though,should you want to venture out and explore the oldest town in America West of the Rockies, rooms also come with a driver (in either a ’39 BuicK, ’38 Packard or ’45 Cadillac). Besides (and this you probably already know), it’s where they filmed Goonies so you can go wax nostalgic about that amazing film. Maybe you’ll channel the quirky romance between Andy and Mikey.

From Los Angeles: Hacienda Hot Springs, Outside of Palm Springs

Weekend getaways to Palm Springs are no hidden secret to Angelinos, or to the rest of the world for that matter (thank you Hollywood). But for a good portion of the year it’s way too three-digit-temperature hot to visit, so consider February, where day time temps over in the high 70s, to be this desert oasis town’s sweet spot. You also don’t really have to stay in town to enjoy its great hiking and dining. Hacienda Hot Springs is a six room Inn with its own natural mineral water pool, Tempurpedic beds, and a Finnish rock sauna that’s about 20 minutes outside Palm Springs and only 30 minutes from Joshua Tree. OH, and it’s adults only.

From New York City: Copper Beech Inn, Connecticut

New York City in February can best be describe in two words—Over. It. Enough of the crowds, the grime, the cold, the lack of cabs, the vaguely  functioning subway system and enough working late on the weekends. Take the excuse of Valentine’s Day to get the hell outta town. Connecticut is the way to go if you’re looking for something bucolic, close and somewhat unexpected. The Copper Beech Inn, just two hours outside the city in an adorably quaint New England village has everything you need for the weekend: Hydro massage tubs for two, cable TV and an award winning restaurant called The Oak Room. And bonus—less traffic on the road than your buddy taking his girl to Montauk.

From Philadelphia: Woolverton Inn, Outside of New Hope

Question: What’s the opposite of private? Did you say Bed & Breakfast? That was our initial reaction too, until we happened upon the Woolverton Inn just outside of New Hope in Pennsylvania, about an hour and a half from NYC and just 50 minutes from Philly. Out here, on some of the most kiss-inducing, quaint country landscape imaginable, they’ve got cottages that draw a line between you and the rest of the property with their own private entrances, but that still offer up all the sweet things people love about B&B’s like a three course, home cooked, country style breakfast. New Hope and antiquing are just minutes away. Ask for the Sojourn Loft – it has a fireplace and a hammock in the bathroom (just be sure to let your girl in every so often..)

From Chicago: Herrington Inn, Geneva

First, we hope you’ve thawed out from Chi-beria without losing any limbs. Second, if your relationship has either a) survived, or b) solidified because of the forbidding temperatures outside, then the both of you either a) deserve, or b) are dumb enough in love to pay for a little pampering. So turn your attention to the Herrington Inn in Geneva, just an hour outside the city. There are fireplaces in every room, whirlpool baths, a stately restaurant, and…the kicker…a spa that’s actually not that expensive.

From Atlanta: Mansion on Forsythe Park, Savannah

Yes, Hotlanta. You are a proud city, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give some love to your state’s other fine hamlets. It is Valentine’s Day after all and Savannah is downright majestic – over 40% of its buildings are old enough to qualify as historically significant, children play in the streets beneath gigantic Oak trees covered in Spanish Moss and time here just doesn’t seem to move. It’s how life should be. Stay at the Mansion on Forsythe Park, a restored Victorian Romanesque mansion that’s dripping in art, home to a spa and even has its very own cooking school. Have a glass of wine on the terrace at sunset over looking the park and let the sparks fly.

From Houston: Barons CreekSide, Fredricksburg

Fredricksburg is an adorable little town about three and a half hours away from downtown Houston. That is if you don’t get side tracked in Austin, which is on the way and, being one of our favorite towns, you could stop there if you two are currently attending Rock and Roll High (or you could also just say F*&% it, and Drive to New Orleans in the other direction). But no, if you want a seriously romantic escape with your girl, drive her to Barons CreekSide, just five minutes outside of Fredricksburg and ask for one of the Swiss Log Cabins. The owner, who hails from said country, had them dismantled in Switzerland and shipped to Texas where they were built on the tree lined shores of Baron’s Creek and adorned with hot tubs. Bring your own food to cook in the kitchenette and laze on the porch and pretend you’re in the hills of Europe (without the hills).


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