Take A Seat: The Langhorne Stool

REVISIT is a brand that creates products that are inspired by stories and places.

The initial inspiration behind the brand came from the National Parks and the importance behind preservation for future generations.

Products created by REVISIT are not just stylish and well thought out – they represent curiosity, collaboration and nature. Take the Langhorne Stool for example – an item inspired by Theodore Roosevelt and Mark Twain – two men who formed important thoughts and ideas from a simple wooden perch.

REVISIT has decided to honor this simple item of furniture as a way of celebrating the tradition of storytelling. The brand has collaborated with father / son craftsmen Robert and Tor Erickson of Erickson Woodworking – to design and manufacture what is now an iconic, collectable, folding stool. A place when you can sit, collect your thoughts, and share stories for generations.

Months of research, design and thought went into this wooden seat – including the name Langhorne which was taken from Mark Twain’s middle name.

Material plays a great importance. Each stool is made from high quality American Walnut – from the hardwood forests of Pennsylvania. Each seat is made in Nevada City, California. The seat is hand carved using techniques passed down from generation to generation. Each stool is hand numbered – deeming it a true collectable before standing tall in your living room.

Finishing touches include 100 percent milled brass hardware, and a hand stained leather carrying strap made from American Bison leather.

With each purchase, REVISIT will donate a 1/4 of the profits through their Quarter-Back model to help fund Ranger education programs.

A perfect gift for furniture connoisseurs, big thinkers, dreamers – or that person who just needs to take a seat.

The Langhorne Stool retails for 850.00 and is available now on the REVISIT site.