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Tom Ford’s Got Us Covered with Noir Extreme

Tom Ford noir extreme
Choosing a fragrance or cologne can be a very personal and sometimes overwhelming experience, but we can always trust Tom Ford.

Ford is known for his suits, but his signature fragrances have become almost a secret weapon for the modern man.

His cologne collection will make you feel like you’re wearing a tux – even if you’re just rocking a white tee shirt and jeans.

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The original Tom Ford for Men fragrance, the dark and mysterious Black Orchid and the fresh (and perfect for spring) Grey Vetiver have been around for years – and now, Tom Ford is set to launch his latest addition to an already perfect line up.

NOIR EXTREME. A new cologne that embodies extreme sophistication while showcasing a mixture of woody, amber drenched elements. The cologne is spicy, but light with a rich blend of heat and citrusy notes. Mandarin oil, Neroli oil, and North African OrPur also help capture that exact moment when a man reaches extreme new heights. His sophistication becomes magnetic, transfixing the world at large.

This fragrance makes an impression – and leaves one as well – with notes like vibrant saffron, cardamom and nutmeg. Everything including the kitchen sink (or cabinet in this case).

NOIR EXTREME has a bottle similar to the original TOM FORD NOIR we discussed a few years back. The fragrance is contained in a rectangular bottle made from smoky black glass, with a bright gold cap.

Colognes have the ability to capture the attention of a room – whether you’re at the office or at a fancy-shmancy event. You should always look your best, but smelling your best – that will leave an impression.

Shop Tom Ford’s signature collection in stores now or peruse the entire collection online here.


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