Perry Ellis Launches New Fragrance

perry ellis launches namesake fragrance

The summer months are good for lighter, crisp fragrances, while the colder months are generally associated with deeper, richer colognes. Thankfully, for the first time in three years Perry Ellis, the cool and preppy sportswear line is launching a new scent that is the perfect transitional cologne.

The scent is fresh and rugged, perfect for that transition from summer to fall with it’s complex ingredients which transition from a lighter citrus scent to a deeper woodsy fragrance. The eau de toilette starts with a bitter orange note, and some other notes you are likely to find in your pantry – or your Mantry, such as cardamom, coriander and clary sage.

The scent develops into warmer notes of fir, mint, cedar wood and lavender before finishing off with base notes of sandalwood, patchouli, white moss, tonka bean, amber and musk. It’s like a nature retreat in a bottle.

The bottle is not too shabby either – a sleek minimalist black metal container with a teal glass “dot” will fit in just fine in your man bathroom. The “dot” by the way, is a Perry Ellis signature, perfect for representing the brand’s legacy and playfulness.

Fall is all about shedding old ways and starting new ventures, so head over to to give the women a little something new to whiff.  The fragrance is currently on pre-order and will be available to ship on the 21st of August.


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