MoGuard Shields Your ‘Stache from Beer Foam

It’s a problem many bearded gentleman face.

That is, if you consider getting delicious beer foam caught in your very manly and very stylish mustache a problem. So, maybe it’s more of a first-world pickle than a problem? Either way, it’s a thing that happens that some guys don’t like and some guys could care less about.


The Moguard, a new, insouciantly fun mustache guard, is for the former. It says, “I care about my ‘stache, but not enough to be super serious, so why don’t I just buy this fun plastic thing to A) obviously protect my previously mentioned amazing mustache and B) not look like an uptight jerk while doing it.”


The MoGuard, made from food-grade silicon fits any size cup, mug, stein, or tumbler you can imagine and prevents your ‘stache from getting soaked in whatever you may be drinking, whether it’s black coffee, a stout, or a strong cocktail. At $10 each, they’re an inexpensive and clever way to keep your face clean. And, since it’s the holiday season, we would be remiss if we didn’t say that they make great gifts and even better stocking stuffers.


The Moguard comes in a variety of colors (so you can match your outfit–kidding–or are we?) along with a couple of St. Patrick’s Day-themed designs, and a full-on set of USA ‘Merica designed guards. With St. Paddy’s coming up and cook-outs and barbecues over the not too distant horizon, it might be a good idea to grab a few of these little mustache protectors before spring and summer drinking season is in full swing.

Leave a few near the keg at your next 4th of July cook-out and see just how useful The MoGuard can be.


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