Five Booze-Inspired Balms Just Because

five booze inspired balms just because v2

We’ve already explained how wintry weather wrecks havoc on your skin but lips bear the brunt of that. The reason? They lack naturally moisturizing oil glands and you’re most likely licking them, which just exacerbates the problem. By now you’re aware that the consequences include chapping, cracking, and peeling. But really why use a regular lip balm when you can slather on options that are moisturizing and taste like your booze of choice? That’s a rhetorical question so here are five sauced-up, lip-softening salves.

Stewart & Claire Old Fashioned Lip Balm

This classic, smoky cocktail has been around since, eh, forever, but in lip balm form, well that’s a newfangled idea. Infused with cedar wood, bitter orange and vanilla, this tube offers up an approximation of the drink.


MalinMalin + Goetz Mojito Lip Balm

 Who isn’t in the mood for a summery, refreshing Mojito? If hitting the highball isn’t in the cards, this hydrating gel at least tastes like the Cuban beverage.


Whiskey-balmRoyal Apothic Whiskey Balm

Yes, this will give your winter-ravaged lips some love without making them glossy, but it’s the whiskey-tinged flavor that is the real selling point.


All-dayFounders Brewing Hop Infused Lip Balms

What happens when a brewery decides to get into the grooming business? They spike a trio of lip balms with the same ingredients used in the beer. All Day IPA is loaded with hops, Breakfast Stout enriched with coffee, chocolate and hop oil, and Rubaeus contains raspberry essential oils.

$4.50 each,

AlderAlder New York Juniper Lip Balm

Gin is the essential ingredient in some of our favorite cocktails—martinis, Negronis, French 75s. It’s the juniper berry that really makes it special and also what you will taste in this tiny tin of coconut- and jojoba-oil packed balm.