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Where to Find the Best Hand Sanitizers Available Now

Washing your hands is key to staying healthy and, in our new reality, protecting yourself during the coronavirus pandemic we are now facing, according to the Center for Disease Control. When you wash your hands, soap can kill off some germs, but it’s the physical scrubbing motion and flowing water that lift and carry away the significant portion of those unwanted guests.

But if you can’t wash your hands, hand sanitizers are a great alternative, which is also why they’ve been flying off drug store shelves. However, you can still find them at a number of online retailers. Here are a few of our favorites that, as of now, are still available.


art naturals sanitizer

This hand sanitizer uses jojoba oil and vitamin E so it won’t leave your skin feeling as dried out as many products in the category do, yet it’s still made up of 62.5% ethyl alcohol, thus meeting the CDC’s guideline for using a hand sanitizer that is at least 60% alcohol to effectively kill germs. The fact that each order contains four bottles is a bonus, as you can strategically place them in your home, car, office, and so on.

Muse Hand Sanitizer gel

Muse antibacterial gel

Containing over 60% ethyl alcohol, this antibacterial gel kills 99% of germs. While other sanitizers tend to have overpowering smells, users love Muse’s light, cool fragrance. Even better, these bottles are not tested on animals, and are made in Los Angeles.


Me4Kidz antibacterial wipes

These kid-friendly wipes are made with an alcohol-free formula to prevent drying your hands, while still effectively disinfecting them.

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