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Make Your Water Sparkle With SodaStream Power

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When I was a child in California, I used to detest the taste of sparkling water. To me, it was like flavorless soda, and who likes to drink flavorless soda? But slowly, as my palette evolved, I grew to have a fondness for sparkling water, which probably started when I was studying in France when I was at university. After school, I moved to New York, where people seem to drink seltzer just as much as they drink flat water. But I’ll have to admit, it got annoying going to the bodega or the grocery store week after week to keep my fridge stocked with soda water. Then everything changed once the SodaStream Power entered my life.

This marvelous piece of technology that also looks cool in your kitchen because it’s designed by Yves Béhar, took away my need to buy bottles of sparkling water regularly, and on top of that it cut down on waste. All I had to do was attach one of the bottles that comes with the starter kit to the machine, and press a button, and voila — a bottle of sparkling water. It also took care of another craving I often have for all natural sodas. SodaStream also makes syrups that you can add to the bottle of sparkling water you just made, so you can have say, a Green Apple Cucumber soda, or a Black Currant Lime. They also have all the other standard flavors: orange, cola, cream soda, lemon lime and more. If energy is what you’re after, SodaStream also has energy syrups.

Now, thanks to the SodaStream Power, I know longer have to make regular store runs just to have my house fully stocked with sparkling water. Plus, I’m also cutting down on using plastic. It’s a win-win situation.

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