Feel Good Friday – The Ultimate American Sock

Ok, so sock season is in full effect but we found a pair of feet warmers that may just become your favorite pair.

Inspired by the heritage of the West, United by Blue has made The Ultimate American Sock. Why? – Because the nation’s spirit animal is involved, the great American Bison.

Ranchers in the Rocky Mountains collect the bison down from the animal’s inner coat. Bison down is soft, temperature regulating and a moisture wicking fiber. One pound of it can cost up to $300 since each animal produces only 4-6 ounces of it a year (hence why it isn’t as well known as say, wool).

The Bison down is then taken to Massachusetts where they blend it with American Marino Wool to spin the best damn sock yarn in the nation. Next they take the yarn to Iowa, to a sock mill where they are knitted.

Technological highlights include:

  • Spandex Ribbed Arch Support
  • Flat Toe Seam for no-rub comfort
  • Reinforced heel for durable wear
  • Due to the antimicrobial properties you can wear them several times before washing.

Now for the padding. They are like marshmallows on your feet. They are so thick you will want to wear them all day even off the trail.

The socks started on Kickstarter and have been funded 200% over and sold by the company which developed them, United by Blue. Based in Philadelphia they have been making and selling responsible, durable goods for five years and for every product they sell, they remove one pound of trash from our nation’s oceans and waterways through company organized and hosted cleanups.

So click on Kickstarter and buy yourself a pair or give an amazing American gift for the discounted price of $25 vs. $38 when the campaign ends!

More about United by Blue’s environmental ethos and efforts to clean up local waterways and oceans can be found here.

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