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Feel Good Friday- Shinola Kicks off Makers Monday

The Shinola brand sure has come a long way in a year. They went from ‘Who’s That?’ to superstars of the Made in America movement. We thank them for that (and their quality product) and were pleased to hear about their latest endeavor ‘Makers Monday’.

Shinola Piggy Bank
Shinola Piggy Bank Image used with permission by copyright holder

Starting on Monday December 2nd, Shinola is encouraging all consumers to take a pledge to buy American and support local businesses who make their products in the towns, cities and neighborhoods where we live for just one day! As they told us, if every American of voting age spends $10 on something American made that is $2.4 billion in just one day. Boom.

Shinola Baseball
Shinola Baseball Image used with permission by copyright holder

When you go on the site you can sign a pledge to buy American, or if you are an American business you can register your company, then scroll down and find a list of companies who are participating and start shopping. We have included some of Shinola’s own American made holiday ideas throughout this post.

Shinola Bike Lock
Shinola Bike Lock Image used with permission by copyright holder

Go on and buy that Topo Designs backpack you have wanted or that Bilenky Bike for your sister or that Ampersand table for your apartment and then share it on social media (and be sure to tag Makers Monday’s Facebook and Twitter!) and encourage others to join the movement.

Shinola Candle
Shinola Candle Image used with permission by copyright holder

We love a theme day but hope people will consider American made part of their daily lives and not just an annual one trick (heritage breed) pony.

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