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Our Favorite Notebooks Are Only $0.50 at Staples Today

Tru Red Composition Notebook on a white background.

As part of the Staples back-to-school sale, some of our favorite notebooks — the Tru Red Composition Notebook — is down to just $0.50 for a limited time only. That’s a huge saving of 85% off the usual price, making it a great time for you to stock up on these fantastic notebooks. Whether you’re taking plenty of notes or you’re keen to journal, these notebooks will do the job well and incredibly cheaply, too.

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If you’ve been considering how to journal or you simply want to make sure you have one of the best notebooks at your disposal, the Tru Red Composition Notebook is a good solution. It’s 7.5-inches x 9.75-inches and offers 80 sheets of wide-ruled paper. On the front is a black and white design that looks fairly tasteful and won’t steal focus, but you can also choose different color schemes if you want to demonstrate a little personality. At this price, we recommend buying plenty of different colors so you can have one for every different scenario in your life.

There’s plenty of room here for you to write up some notes for work, for class, or simply sketch out some doodles or write down a poem that’s come to you while you’re out and about. Thanks to the wide-ruled spacing, there’s the option to write in larger letters or smaller — whatever works for you. The notebook is sturdy, too, thanks to a case-bound construction that’s strong and durable so it can withstand being tossed into your bag or briefcase.

We’re really keen on the idea of devoting yourself to one project per notebook after you stock up on plenty of them but it’s entirely up to you. One notebook per class sounds a smart bet or, alternatively, you could simply go a little nuts in one and write a little bit of everything.

Whatever your plans, get in quick. With the Tru Red Composition Notebook down to just $0.50, stock is sure to be really limited. Customers are restricted to buying 10 at a time but we can see a lot of people doing this with class heading back soon. Don’t miss out. Hit the buy button now.

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This Roomba Robot Vacuum Deal Is Our Favorite Labor Day Sale
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Robot vacuums are among the most popular Labor Day sales. iRobot, which had its origin making robotic vacuum cleaners for the aerospace industry, was the first to sell the clever household appliances to consumers. The iRobot Roomba is the most recognized robot vacuum brand name and also the best-selling brand, year after year. The Roomba 694 Wi-Fi-connected robot vacuum is one of our favorite models because it represents the core features and qualities that have morphed a novelty for techies into a commonplace time-saving household convenience. Amazon's Labor Day sale includes a great deal on a Roomba 694, marked down from its usual $274 price to just $250, a $24 savings on a smart appliance that can save you hours of household drudgery week after week.
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The Roomba 694 is considered an entry-level member of the iRobot family, bearing in mind that the flagship Roombas cost north of $1,000. For less than a quarter the price of the most highly featured Roomba models, with this Labor Day robot vacuum sale you can have your floors cleaned with the same core technology. The Roomba 694 uses a 3-stage cleaning system that loosens, lifts, and then sucks up dust, dirt, and debris. The 694 detects knows the difference between carpeting and hard floors and adjust its height appropriately.

Two multi-surface brushes work together with a side sweeper brush that pulls dirt and debris from floor edges and corners. Internal sensors also can recognize locations with an exceptional amount of dirt, such as entryways, and will spend more time cleaning those areas. Self-protective navigation recognizes obstacles such as furniture and drop-offs such as stairs to avoid damaging itself. When power runs low the Roomba 694 automatically returns to its docking station to recharge its battery.

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