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This $26,000,000 Healthy Home is Perfect for Riding Out a Pandemic

Need a safe place to comfortably ride out the pandemic? This California home has incorporated every last bit of cutting-edge innovations in order to make it a healthy place for both people and the planet. 

Dana Point Residence currently belongs to tech-wellness advocate August Brice and her husband. Now on the market and asking $26,000,000, the home was designed to incorporate the latest available technology to make it a self-contained, zero-toxin environment that can go off-grid should the need arise.

Dana Point Residence
Courtesy Rob Giem of Compass

Outfitted with the usual eco-friendly features, including solar panels, and built with non-VOC materials, Dana Point Residence went a step further in creating a healthy space for its occupants. Eventually the home will be outfitted with Tesla Powerwall batteries, allowing it to go fully off-grid for up to seven days on a single charge. The batteries will act as a backup to the 50 solar panels already in place. The 4-car garage is also hooked up to charge a Tesla or other electric vehicle, because naturally anyone who goes to this level for eco-friendly living wouldn’t be driving a gas-guzzler. 

Brice’s company Tech Wellness focuses on products that help prevent exposure to EMF radiation and that same technology was incorporated into the home. All internal wiring is shielded to prevent the generation of an electromagnetic field. While the existence of EMF sensitivity may be up for debate, it’s better to be safe than sorry, right?

Along with being a tech-filled healthy home, Dana Point Residence is a luxurious refuge that lets you forget about the stress of living in the time of a pandemic. Materials throughout are crisp and bright, and of course easy to clean. The style is a contemporary take on traditional adobe homes, with the clean lines and bright stucco typical for southern California. Natural materials like wood and concrete come together with steel to create a home that is sturdy enough to hold up against floods and earthquakes while ensuring there is no off-gassing adding dangerous chemicals to the air. 

Spreading out over 7,852 square-feet the luxury villa is laid out in a step style, allowing each level to have impressive views of the ocean. Ocean-facing rooms have walls of sliding glass that turn the different areas into open-air spaces, letting in those wonderful salty breezes. 

A full and healthy life should include plenty of time outside in the sun getting fresh air, so naturally Dana Point Residence allows for that. A beautifully manicured lawn faces the ocean with a relaxing fire pit nearby for cozy evenings watching the sunset. Below the lawn on a lower level is a wildflower garden. Next to the lawn is a simple lap pool with chaise lounge chairs and behind that an outdoor dining area and living room. 

At the front of the home, guests are greeted by a zen garden with a calming water feature. A perfect representation of the escape from the real world that Dana Point Residence represents. And if the wooden door of the entry gate doesn’t feel like enough protection from the chaos of the outside world, have no fear. Dana Point Residence has its own panic room – perfect for riding out the apocalypse.

Dan Point Residence is currently being offered by Rob Giem of Compass.

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