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Get Your REM on with Tomorrow Sleep Tech-Bedding Sleep System

Tomorrow Sleep Mattress
Dudes need beauty sleep too.

After a long day of work, a heavy session at the gym, and trying to not burn the chicken for dinner, the last thing you want to ‘work’ at is going to sleep. And it all too often feels that way.

That changes today, when Serta Simmons Bedding— the largest distributor and manufacturer of mattresses in the U.S.— unveiled its all-new brand called Tomorrow Sleep, which delivers a calculated system of seven bedroom products that work together to make your REM cycle next-level restorative.

“We saw that people are increasingly becoming aware of the importance of sleep as a cornerstone of wellness and there wasn’t a great solution to address that need in the direct-to-consumer space,” said Bryan Murphy, Founder and President of Tomorrow Sleep.

Tomorrow Sleep Mattress

The seven elements that make up Tomorrow’ Sleep’s holistic system are a Hybrid Mattress, trademarked Sleeptracker® Monitor, Pillows, Sheets, Comforter, Drapes, and Mattress Protector.

The entire system starts at $1,300.

… ‘But I can get $20 sheets and $10 blinds at Target,’ said the man-child.

Well those sleep accessories won’t contain bio sensors to monitor and record sleep cycles, body movements and heart rate, or have the smarts to personalize suggestions for you to have a better night’s sleep today and tomorrow.

So instead of spending your hard-earned money on a new PS4, get techy with your siestas.

Everything from the pillows, sheets, comforter, and mattress protector from Tomorrow Sleep were engineered to better regulate your temperature and promote more restful ZZZs. Meanwhile the memory foam mattress itself is made from a patented ventilated rail system to maintain a well-balanced climate throughout the night.

Tomorrow Sleep Mattress

No more overheating means no more waking up at 2 a.m. with nightsweats. And with that uninterrupted sleep you won’t be as cranky when Josh from accounting takes the last bagel. Psh, Josh.

A look at the actual science of why we need uninterrupted sleep shows that as we transition from light to deep to REM sleep, our physiology is taken on a restorative saga.

First our bodies relax, muscles loosen, and breathing expands, then our immune system focuses on resting and recovering, giving love to our organs, tissues, and muscles. In REM our mind store and processes information, which has been considered critical for continued learning and memory. Then the cycle repeats a couple times before your alarm chimes.

Tomorrow Sleep completed tens of thousands of hours studying the difference between light, deep, and REM sleep to make the cycle more achievable simply by using their system of products as a cohesive bedroom setup.

That means you can possible sleep better by going into your bedroom, laying down, and closing your eyes.

No more heavy lifting or grunt work. Just dreams of all-inclusive bars and mega-yachts.

Images Courtesy of Tomorrow Sleep

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