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Tech Tool: The Brunton Power Knife

tech tool brunton power knife
One day my friend — let’s call him Jim — pulled out a mess of cords from his pocket. One was  charger cord for his phone, another was the charger code for his back-up battery and another was for…who knows what it was for. In this day and age with all our gadgets and electronics and need for cords to charge them with, this wasn’t exactly out of the ordinary. It didn’t look good. Lucky for us, the folks over at Brunton, did something very handy. In case you didn’t know, Brunton is an outdoor company that started in 1894 because a man named D.W. Brunton invented a contraption called the Pocket Transit. It was a compact, precision compass that made carrying one a whole lot more convenient. Now based in Riverton, Wyoming, at the base of the Wind River range, the company makes a whole number of useful things for us to use when outdoors.

Brunton also noticed the same thing I noticed when Jim took out that bunch of cords from his pocket, so they thought something convenient that carried the ease of a Swiss Army Knife with the technological usefulness of having all those cords in your pocket. It’s called the Brunton Power Knife. It’s basically a contraption that’s in the shape of a pocket knife, but instead of having a knife, scissors, bottle opener, and screwdriver tucked away in each blade, there’s a one that powers up some of the most widely used gadgets available, like an Android charger, an iPhone 5 charger and a the USB cord to make it all happen. Best of all, it’s only $24.99, so it also makes for a useful holiday present! I think I just might get one for Jim so he can get rid of that unsightly wad in his pocket. The Brunton Power Knife, $24.99 at

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