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9 Tattoo Artists to Follow on Instagram Right Now

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Lucas Lenzi

Have you found yourself endlessly scrolling instagram over the past few months, doing it not because you want to, but because there’s not much else to do?  Whether it’s while streaming endless Netflix shows or just sitting on your couch contemplating when things might be better, it’s bound to happen.

The good thing is that scrolling Instagram can have an added bonus — I have always found it to be an awesome medium through which to connect with and discover new artists. Now, more than ever before, we can engage in the creative process right alongside our favorite creators, which is downright thrilling if you ask me.

And some of my favorite people to follow are tattoo artists. I’ll admit, I’m kind of an ink-head, not so much in that I’m covered in tattoos, but that I really like and respect the art form. So, I thought it might be fun to round up some of the amazing tattoo artists kicking it on my Instagram feed.

With styles ranging from the traditional to the modern, these artists are guaranteed to have you sprinting to your nearest parlor.


If you’re into minimalist lines and softly rendered natural elements, then this is the account for you. Tattoo artist Julia Hayes specializes in precise and realistic portraits of flowers, leaves, vegetables, woodland creatures, and everything else in between.


For something a little bolder, take a look at @lovelivecake, the main art account of The Wandering Creative. Here, you’ll find a collection of writing, drawings, paintings, and colorful tattoo work that’s whimsical, radical, and absolutely gorgeous.


Laura Martinez is the co-owner of Fleur Noire Tattoo Parlour in New York City and her work is stunning. Specializing in spare and intricate designs, her tattoos are practically perfect in every way; in fact, they’re almost uncanny in their flawlessness.


Absurdist imagery and simple lines meet in the tattoo work of Fra Macho. Though the style may not work for old school aficionados, many will find a joyful irreverence in the pieces, which evoke a sort of clumsy doodle quality that’s quite beguiling.


If you’re looking for a fresh spin on a traditional aesthetic, this may just be the page for you. The Barcelona-based artist favors lush black ink for its diverse array of pieces, which are notable for their depth, complexity, and surprising vibrancy.


Queer artist L Hammel brings a pop-art punch to their tattoo work, which makes for a bright, playful, and slightly comical aesthetic. The Pittsburgh artist tattoos anything and everything, but I’m a big fan of their intergalactic/astronaut-adjacent pieces.


I’m obsessed with Seattle-based artist Raychelle’s Instagram page, which is fresh, funky, and weird in all the right ways. What I like most is the confident clarity with which she inks her art, be it a full-sized platypus or a pair of chopsticks expertly handling a chicken foot.


Mother Nature comes alive in the artwork of tattoo artist Marlow, who specializes in sumptuous natural scenes. The still lifes here are sweeping and beautifully dramatic in their intense intimacy. A must-follow for anyone who likes richly detailed tattoo work.


When it comes to realistic tattoos, there is perhaps no one better than Pony Wave. The Los Angeles-based tattoo artist inks jaw-dropping creations that are so precise you might just mistake them for their real-life inspirations. Consider your mind officially blown.

Though I could go on forever, I’ll wrap things up there. If you’ve got a favorite I missed, let me know! And for more tattoo content, check out our guide to tattoo aftercare.

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