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Rob Lowe’s Montecito Millon-Dollar Manse Hits the Market

We love scoping out an over-the-top luxury home — even more so when that home belongs to a celebrity. Here’s a chance to check out a property so exclusive, we don’t even know the official address, except that it’s located in Montecito, California. Actor Rob Lowe is selling his estate, named Oakview, and the pictures have us wishing we hit the lottery.

Sitting on 3.4 acres, the Georgian Colonial-inspired home offers a welcoming retreat less than two hours outside of Los Angeles. An impressive portico greets guests and sets the tone for the remainder of the home, letting people know this place isn’t California surfer shack but rather East Coast class.

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At an impressive 10,000 square feet, Oakview has more than enough room for residents and visitors to spread out in. The main house features six bedrooms and a whopping 11 bathrooms while a bonus guest house has two additional bedrooms and another bathroom. The main house is dotted with plenty of sitting areas and fireplaces, all of which offer stunning views of the Pacific ocean. The home also includes a gourmet kitchen, a private movie theater (perfect for kicking back with popcorn and St. Elmo’s Fire), and a wine room worthy of a brat pack party.

There is a central sitting area that includes a combination of delicate Georgian Colonial architectural details, crystal chandeliers, and two fireplaces on either end. The feminine architectural touches are balanced by masculine furnishings including several leather chairs. Four sets of French doors open up to the back porch and lawn beyond.

Stepping through the French doors, you enter the traditional Georgian Colonial back porch. Running the length of the back of the home, the lower level of the porch provides ample seating, dining spots, and an outdoor fireplace, while the upper level includes a ping pong table anchored by two seating areas.

The meticulously manicured backyard is just begging to host a Gatsby-esque soirée. Lined with Adirondack chairs positioned in the shade of an oak tree, the lawn swoops down to a central water feature surrounded by an intimate seating area. To the left is a pool worthy of a luxury hotel, lined by fountains that create arches of jetting water. Along with the expansive lawn and luxury pool, there is also a championship tennis court flanked by seating areas, including a raised one that offers views of the court and the ocean beyond.

With the Los Padres National Forest in the front yard and the Pacific Ocean in the backyard, there’s no shortage of stunning vistas at Oakview. There are also very few neighbors, with just under 9,000 residents in Montecito at last count. This means you get to quietly enjoy the lap of luxury the estate provides with no interruptions, except for maybe the sound of the migrating gray whales in the spring.

Thinking the $42.5 million asking price may be a bit steep? Well, consider this: There may be something in the water at Oakview because Rob Lowe seems like he hasn’t aged in the last three decades, so you may want to snatch up this property listed with Compass and The Agency. The fountain of youth is probably hiding in the basement.

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