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NordVPN Has the Best VPN Deal You Can Shop Today — SAVE $225!

Have you already seen everything there is to see on streaming services? Do you want to get access to all of the best Netflix movies? Then now might be the perfect time to get a VPN with a fantastic service like NordVPN. Not only does it keep your internet connection private, safe, and secure, but it also helps you access content on streaming services that’s not available in your region. You’ll get access to a plethora of movies without having to subscribe to another streaming service.

Usually, a two-year plan to NordVPN would cost $323, but right now, you can get two years of NordVPN for just $99. On top of that, you get three extra months entirely for free, so you’re getting a total of 27 months from your subscription. That comes out to just $3.67 per month and saves you a massive $224. That’s thousands of new movies and TV shows on Netflix that you’ll have access to every month, at less than the price of renting a movie.

NordVPN is a VPN or virtual private network that encrypts your internet connection by connecting you through one of its secure networks. It protects you from malicious actors of all kinds, from hackers who want to steal your private information to nosy websites trying to snoop on your data. NordVPN has a no-log policy, which means that it does not keep track of any of your internet activities and does not save which websites you browse.

The service allows you to access over 5,500 servers from across the world. Not only does this ensure that sites don’t get your location data, but it also allows you to circumvent pesky location-based blocks on content. For example, you can switch your location to Japan or Europe to watch movies Netflix only shows in those regions. You can also access YouTube videos that are not available in your country.

You can also use a single account on up to six devices at the same time. If you want to use NordVPN on a phone, tablet, or PC simultaneously, it’s as simple as installing the app on all of those devices and running it. This is the perfect subscription for a big family that wants unlimited access to all the best Netflix shows.

The One-Year Plan at $59

Not ready to commit to an entire two-year plan? Don’t worry — the shorter one-year plan is also on sale. While a year-long subscription normally costs $143, you can get it right now for only $59. That comes out to just $4.92 per month — a huge savings of $84. You’ll still have access to all the same features that NordVPN offers, such as the support for up to six devices and 5,500 servers across the globe.

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