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Munitio Tactical 9mm Headphones

Still sporting the same set of busted-ass earbuds that shipped with your iPod two years ago? If so, it’s probably time for an upgrade; but rather than opting for some run-of-the-mill headphones with bland, uninteresting exteriors, why not spring for something that might land you a few double takes on your way to work? These bullet-shaped headphones from Munitio are just what you need.

Based in San Diego, Munitio designs and manufactures a line of high performance “tactical” headphones, and while that may sound a tad ridiculous, they actually live up to it. Each one of their bullet casing earpieces is individually machined from a solid billet of high-density copper alloy and finished with a coating of titanium, so right out of the box these are some of the most rugged headphones you can get your hands on. I’m pretty sure that if you were in a pinch, you could gut the earbuds, MacGyver together some improvised ammunition, fire it, and still be able to reuse shell casings as headphones. And the toughness doen’t end there – the rest of the headphone assembly is made of noise-isolating silicone earplugs and fabric cables reinforced with Kevlar, so no matter how reckless you get when you rock out to your favorite iTunes playlist, these things can probably survive the beating.

Inside this weapons-grade housing, you’ll find two 9mm neodymium drivers – powerful magnets that give the buds an incredibly precise sound and impressive dynamic range. Munitio claims these badboys sport a frequency range of about 12Hz-20,000Hz, and based on what we’ve heard, that sounds pretty accurate. Thanks to a patented “bass enhancing chamber,” the phones can pump out thunderous, distortion-free bass tones without breaking a sweat, and the mids and highs come through clear and crisp as well.

They’re not quite on par with audiophile earbuds, but what they lack in sound they definitely make up for in style. Check out Munitio’s site to learn more or place an order.

Drew Prindle
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