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Jockey Heroes Show Us What’s Underneath

jockey show em whats underneath
Jockey-2Jockey is famous for making clothing most people never see– your underwear. And they’ve managed to turn that fact into an inspiring campaign for people to Show ‘Em What’s Underneath. The underwear company, celebrating its 140th year of making our nether regions comfortable, has chosen to highlight heroes from real life instead of the photo shopped descendants of Greek gods that we usually see in underwear ads.

The idea is to encourage people to be confident in themselves, inside and out. “This new campaign celebrates the spirit of individuality – people’s true colors, hidden talents, guts, crazy ideas, big secrets and the gifts that make them truly unique,” said Matthew Waller, senior manager of corporate communications and brand partnerships. “The Show ’Em What’s Underneath campaign encourages everyone to be comfortable with themselves – imperfections and all.” It’s a revolutionary suggestion in this world of carefully curated social media profiles.

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Three remarkable people have already been chosen to show us what’s underneath: A new father with his adopted son, a female firefighter bravely following in family footsteps, and a Marine veteran whose indomitable spirit shows us what perseverance really is.

In light of the upcoming Fourth of July, Chris Van Etten, a Marine veteran who lost both legs in service to his country, will be the initial focus on the campaign. Jockey released a poignant video of Van Etten standing in nothing but Jockey boxers, his dog tags, and prosthetics; with a bright smile, he does push-ups and speaks of his passion for serving a cause bigger than himself; about how he’s not angry about his loss of limbs. He believes it all happened for a reason and that philosophy propels him through the hardships. The last shot is Van Etten looking sophisticated in jeans and a blazer, his prosthetic legs hidden, his dog tags lying beneath his shirt– no hint of the trials he’s faced. By looking beneath the surface, we’re able to see the whole human and, perhaps, learn something while being a bit kinder to one another.

Chris Van Etten, along with the other Jockey heroes like new dad Michael Cottone, and firefighter Lisa Cusimano, will engage with consumers at events and through the media with pictures and videos. Jockey wearers are also encouraged to participate and learn more with the #ShowEm tag with @Jockey on Twitter.

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