These Son of a Sailor Knives are Looking Sharp

Decades ago, there were a few essential items a gentleman would never be caught dead without carrying. While a handkerchief, wallet and watch were pretty standard, a utilitarian man would never leave home without his pocket knife. Some may think this accessory is passé, but lately we’ve been into the idea of having one on hand for life’s little emergencies like cutting the tags off a new garment or slicing the last doughnut in two. Of course, if we’re going to don this accessory, we must have the best looking one on the market. So when we saw these Son of a Sailor knives, we were instantly sold.

tilde knivesDesigned by husband and wife duo William and Jessica from Austin, TX, Son of a Sailor Jewelry and Supply celebrates functional design married with bold, geometric color. These bold splashes have become somewhat of a trademark, and each knife is hand-painted with their flag-inspired colorblocking so no two are exactly alike. Heavy duty and intended for rugged use, these French Opinel stainless steel blades can be used for everything from eating on the run to cutting through small pieces of rope or wood. Take your pick of the beechwood India or walnut Whiskey, both $75 at Tilde Portland.

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