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FuboTV free trial: How to watch for free in 2024

The Fubo login screen on a television.
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FuboTV makes a great streaming TV service option whether you’re a sports fan or a movie buff, a binge watcher or a casual observer. It offers live sports and TV channels without needing a cable TV subscription, as it’s available to watch directly on the Fubo website and through the Fubo app on smart TVs and mobile devices. It’s become one of the most popular streaming TV services, with the likes of almost every major cable network among its channel offerings. These include ESPN, FX, Nickelodeon, FS1, TBS, and many others.

All-told, Fubo has more than 400 channels available through its various subscription plans, and that may have you wondering if there’s a way to watch FuboTV for free. We’ve tracked down all of the information you need to get to know Fubo a little better, as well as everything you need to know about a Fubo free trial.

Is There a Fubo Free Trial?

There is a Fubo free trial available, and it’s one of the best free trials you’ll find among the streaming TV services. In fact, a Fubo free trial is good news for both sports lovers and movie buffs, as it gives you free access to the entirety of Fubo’s channel lineup. This is likely to get some of the best sports documentaries and best sports movies directly in front of you through its huge lineup of networks. And while much of today’s content comes from standalone streaming services like Netflix, a Fubo free trial will certainly get you in front of all of your favorite shows if they come from a channel you typically watch through a cable TV subscription.

How Long Does the Fubo Free Trial Last?

Another thing that makes the Fubo free trial so impressive is that it’s good for a full seven days. It’s become less and less frequent that streaming services are offering a free trial at all, so being able to take advantage of Fubo’s massive channel lineup for seven days is a big win. There’s no commitment necessary beyond the seven day Fubo free trial and you can cancel the free trial at any time most convenient for you.

Do You Need a Credit Card for the Fubo Free Trial?

You will need to provide a credit card when opting into the Fubo free trial. You’ll also need to select the Fubo plan you’d like to explore with your free trial. There are four different Fubo plans to choose from, and they range in price from $25 per month to $95 per month. These prices will kick in once your free trial has expired, and that’s what the credit card is for. If you don’t want to subscribe to Fubo or if you’re just using the free trial to take a look around, you’ll need to remember to cancel before the free trial is up or your card will be charged.

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One of the best ways to watch live sports online, Fubo is perfect for anyone keen to cut the cord as well as catch the Chiefs vs 49ers live stream for free. There’s a Fubo free trial which lasts seven days so you have plenty of time to check out everything it has to offer. Fubo is one of the most popular streaming TV services because it offers hundreds of channels. Options include ESPN, CBS, Fox, Fox Sports, FX, Nickelodeon, NBA TV, NFL Network, TNT, and still hundreds more. The basic plan offers over 100 channels but with the free trial, you may as well go for a more premium offering so you get the full 400+ channel roster.

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